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High End Process Monitoring for Metal Forming and Sheet Metal Forming


The X7 is an in-process monitoring system for metal forming processes such as cold, warm and hot forming, form and thread rolling as well as the entire field of sheet metal forming. The system allows the monitoring of various machines and sensors and with different types of monitoring methods. It is modular and can be equipped with a flexible number of inputs for analog (1 - 24) or binary sensors (4 - 20). The 15 inch display provides a clearly structured user interface with touch screen operation.

The X7 expert system makes device set-up easier and helps the operator to quickly and easily adapt to different monitoring tasks. Third-party programs for displaying DC masks, graphics, failure images, etc., can be run on the X7 Windows 8.1 frontend.


High End Process Monitoring for Metal Forming and Sheet Metal Forming

The X7 has various analysis functions for recording of run-, set-up- and downtimes, machine speed, productivity distribution and main production faults. Different counters and storage functions, to store all relevant monitoring, production and process failure data are available for different tools and orders. An extensive tool memory, a detailed stop protocol of all process malfunctions and the input protocol of all operator actions are available together with an RFID controlled user administration.

The X7 with 15“ touch display with fast image refresh and high-resolution incl. multicolored, integrated LED warning lamp is used for machine and tool protection, process monitoring and process failure detection and for optimizing process and part quality. Several counter functions (order, tool, dosage, quality, maintenance and shift counters) allow detailed control and analysis of the production process. The process signals can be monitored and displayed as peak values, envelope curves, trend or process quality curves. Popup messages can be displayed on the screen for operator information and warning messages.

The devices are user friendly (automatic calculation of signal amplification, monitoring window and envelope width for new products) and use a teach-in function to automatically adapt to changing production conditions (Optimizer Plus).

Appropriate sensors (e.g. force, ultra emission, structure borne sound, distance, temperature, binary) are placed at machine or tool relevant locations. They convert process information into electrical signals, which are amplified and filtered and then evaluated with adapted monitoring methods (Quattromatic, Systomatic, Zoom, Sums, Differences, short- or long-term Trend, Peak and PQ Monitoring).

To identify reasons for productivity losses, the Stop & Go diagram records up to 90 days of run-, set-up- and downtime as well as the real production speed. Terminal masks can be displayed on the X7 system to enter and display current orders, follow-up orders, target and actual quantities and stop reasons for connecting to C-THRU4.0 software.

  • Precise machine and tool protection through calibrated force measurement, sum and difference channels for total force and tilting measurement
  • Multi sensorial data acquisition and evaluation (force, acoustic, distance, temperature, binary sensors etc.) increases the monitoring accuracy of the devices
  • Detailed control of production quality with powerful monitoring modes (Quattromatic, Systomatic, Rotator, etc.) increases detection capability and reduces downtimes
  • Increased productivity through unmanned production during breaks and after shifts with simultaneous control of sorters, dosers, conveyor belts and material feed to avoid mixing of parts
  • To optimize tool and machine setup, the PQ factor shows the process and signal stability for each channel
  • Separation of good and bad parts via fast, precise and monitored sorting ensures part quality
  • Comprehensive documentation of the production process with Stop & Go diagram including production speed, downtime protocol and automatic storage of all operator inputs
  • Intuitive device operation with user-friendly menu structure on LCD touch display, useful interface for machine control and powerful automatic device settings (gain, monitoring window, envelope curve width etc.) reduce training effort and increase operator acceptance
  • Network interface for central data collection (C-THRU4.0, XBrowser, Tuning Board) and for remote support (teleservice) enables direct, flexible and quick data exchange with the monitoring system
  • Monitoring: 4 - 24 (32) analog channels, 4 - 20 digital in-/outputs
  • Power: 24 V / DC / 52 Watt
  • Environment temp.: +5 °C to + 40 °C
  • Interface: 2 Ethernet / TCP/IP, 2 USB
  • Sampling: Pseudo angle, option: angle or stroke-dependent
  • Dimensions: 429 x 420 x 114 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 12 kg (incl. U-holder)


English X7 - CF (Cold Forming): (933.73kB)
X7 - PW (Stamping): (957.23kB)
Italian X7 - CF (Cold Forming): (946.24kB)
X7 - PW (Stamping): (960.66kB)
German X7 - CF (Cold Forming): (952.65kB)
X7 - PW (Stamping): (964.23kB)
French X7 - CF (Cold Forming): (948.53kB)
Japanese X7 - CF (Cold Forming): (11.01MB)
X7 - PW (Stamping): (10.12MB)
Simplified Chinese X7 - CF (Cold Forming): (903.05kB)

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