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Tool and Process Monitoring System


CTM is the ultimate versatile tool and process monitoring system. The historically proven CTM monitoring solution successfully optimizes both standard and very complex production processes of metal-cutting machine tools though real-time , in-process monitoring. It delivers wide ranging monitoring functions for most  production scenarios in real time. The flexible interface concept of the CTM enables problem-free integration  from solutions with no fieldbus connections (dedicated I/O), to branched data and fieldbus architectures. The CTM is designed for easy integration into dedicated WINDOWS (PC?!?)based controls with PCI slots (SIEMENS PCU50, FANUC Panel i, MTX, etc.). Alternately, if needed, a stand-alone unit with significant flexibility can be used  in all other machine types with different controls or mechanical designs as well. Again, because of the flexibility many user specifications (e.g., from the aerospace and automotive industries) can be met by implementing the CTM with different monitoring strategies.

For mass production, the taught-in values (learning curves) are commonly used in order to compare actual values with the stored ones. The parameters within theCTM can be adjusted in such a way to optimally harness the potential of the equipment. All relevant process parameters are defined, and the necessary limits are taught and implemented, so that they match the application precisely. Long cutting cycles can be monitored best by implementing the correct strategy or strategy mix.

All monitoring data can be stored locally at the machine or somewhere in the network / internet. Furthermore, the system provides functions for customized reports and data analysis which improve the overall machining operations. With these functions, users can extend tool life, reduce waste, avoid tool breakage, and minimize machine downtimes.

The flexibility of the CTM is not limited to multiple sensor inputs, but includes flexibility in relationship to interface and integration with the machine tool, sensor signal processing, monitoring strategies, Alarm/Limit strategies, and data utilization/management.

The proven CTM system is a standard at many end-users in metal cutting industry and can be used in Industry 4.0 applications as well.


The CTM system is a very powerful monitoring system for different purposes. By using dedicated strategies and interfaces CTM can perform process control as well (Stir Friction Welding, brushing, riveting, deburring, assembling, etc.). It offers the right functions for almost every production scenario. Various analogue signals can be connected via different transduces and amplifiers. These signals can be linked, filtered or formatted. A Digital Torque Adapter (DTA) option manages the machine drive torque data (e.g. SIEMENS compile cycle) from the machine controls. One of the main goals is the optimum integration into different machine designs. Therefore, CTM is available with different interfaces and software applications (e.g. FANUC FOCAS and MT CONNECT). CTM can be controlled via fieldbus interface by supervisory systems like machine tool controls to activate or deactivate functions and/or to forward dedicated process data.

To meet the requirements and technical specifications, CTM can be adapted to almost any production scenario with different dedicated monitoring strategies and analysis software:

  • Hobbing: focus on safeguard the expensive hob tool and to increase the hob tool life
  •  Fluid: focus on checking if inner or outer coolant are within set limits
  • Statistics: focus on analysis processes in order to find and eliminate reasons of a malfunction
  • Adaptive Control: focus on continuously adapting the processing speed to the condition of materials and tools
  • Process Documentation: focus on recording events, data collection and data transfer to different (network) devices. Connected to a data base, the information is available for comparative analysis, e.g. to evaluate tool life cycles


CTM offers utmost flexibility to the OEM. The many configuration options allow the integration into any given system architecture:

  • CTM as PCI card, fitted directly into the slot within the NC control
  • BX-2 box as housing for the card, placed in the control cabinet
  • CBU unit with the card integrated into a full PC
  • Reliable tool and process monitoring system with numerous configuration possibilities
  • Monitoring functions with 4 measuring channels are based on digital and analogue sensor signals in real time
  •  Tool life optimization and analysis functionalities via Visualization
  • Data tracking and logging function
  • Minimized number of rejects
  • High performance in data processing for IIoT surroundings
  • Interconnection with other systems and applications in Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory) e.g. via MT Connect connection
  • FPGA allows customization of the CTM firmware
  • Very fast stops by using integrated I/O module

The evaluation unit for CTM comes in different versions according to the required communication standard and the PLC in use.


For the connection to the PLC via Profibus


For the connection to the PLC via Profinet


For the connection to the PLC via Ethernet IP

CTM V6 Focas

For the use with Fanuc controls

CTM V6 Basic

Economic version, suitable for machine tools/applications without fieldbus communication



Brochure Data Sheet
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CTM V6: (372.37kB)
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