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Manual Gauges for Internal Diameters


Marposs provides a full line of extremely advanced manual variable gauges for the control of high precision bores (Ø 3.0 mm to 375 mm). The Marposs gauges are the ideal solution for post-process control of diameters, ovality and taper in workshop environment.

The Marposs Bore Gauge line can provide both a mechanical transmission version, highly versatile with attractive cost-saving, as well as an electronic gauge head solution, able to provide the best metrological performance in manual gauging (<0.5 microns).

Manual Gauges for Internal Diameters

The Marposs M1Star variable gauge is composed by an interchangeable gauge head, the measuring element of the instrument, and by a handle, which controls the signal conversion and transmission. The M1Star can be equipped with either a mechanical transmission gauge head (MBG) or with an electronic transduction gauge head (EBG).

The Marposs MBG gauge head is an extremely versatile solution that may also gauge deep or interrupted bores. The mechanical transmission measuring system provides both excellent metrological performance (repeatability <1 micron) and the lowest price range. The chance to configure and interchange a wide range of accessories makes this gauge head universally applicable. The measuring cell is composed, depending on the diameter, by either two or eight fulcrum elements. The measurement is transduced to the display device by a transfer rod with a spherical head that slides on a cradle formed of a V shaped guide and an inclined plane.

The Marposs EBG gauge head is the most advanced solution on the market for variables manual gauging. The gauging system includes an electronic differential LVDT or HBT transducer that transforms the measurement into an electronic signal. The system is completely free of friction and guarantees a repeatability of less than 0.5 microns, constant over the entire field of application.

  • best metrological performance guaranteed on every gauging diameter
  • intuitive and easy to use; the design ensures linearity over the entire measuring range and allows zeroing with a single master
  • robust and constructed to withstand shocks
  • the hardened stainless-steel plug head protects the measuring cell and guides the measuring
  • it is able to meet every need by connecting, wired or wireless, with a variety of displays or data process devices (both analog and digital dial gauge or indicator; both Marposs and commercial industrial computers)
  • allows the transmission and storage of the data on industrial PCs for statistics analysis
  • the wide range of modular accessories and gauge heads allows the complete configuration of the gauge to meet every measuring need
  • the components are designed to ensure both the maintainability and the reparability in case of damage
  • repeatability <1 micron for the mechanical gauge head and <0.5 microns for the electronic gauge head
  • range from 3 to 375 mm (0,12- 14,76 ") and measuring depths up to 500 mm
  • dedicated solution for the measurement of conical bores, ovals, gears, width, distances and bores with axis perpendicular to the direction of introduction of the gauge
  • the measuring cells contacts can be provided in different materials and radii depending on the material and the roughness of the bore
  • requires only one master for zeroing
  • long-life transmission system (> 10,000,000 measuring cycles)
  • chance to replace the measuring head for easy and independent retooling
  • special reinforced cable, easily substitutable in case of breakage
  • Lumberg connector SV50 / 6
  • compatibility with all Marposs electronics as well as with other manufacturers’
  • the EBG Gauge head can be supplied with LVDT or HBT transducers

Marposs Bore Gauges are equipped with ergonomic handles, designed to be intuitive to use, reliable and resistant to shock and infiltration. The mechanical transmission gauge can be equipped with dial indicator, either analog or digital, or with a dedicated handle including a linear transducer that allows a cable connection with display units and other devices.

The M1 Star gauge (both MBG and EBG gauge head) is also available equipped with a wireless Bluetooth® transmission handle. This solution avoids the logistical, ergonomic and management issues due to the cable presence, while providing the same excellent performance. By pressing a button, the measurement is sent in real time to the receiving unit. The MBG gauge can also be equipped with the innovative I-Wave2 wireless color screen handle for immediate display of the measurement in the operator's hand.

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Brochure User Manual
English M1 STAR: (1.60MB)
MANUAL GAUGING - Reference Guide: (15.08MB)
M1 STAR MBG: (3.80MB)
M1 STAR EBG: (3.77MB)
Italian M1 STAR: (1.16MB)
M1 STAR MBG: (3.80MB)
M1 STAR EBG: (4.35MB)
German M1 STAR: (1.16MB)
French M1 STAR: (1.58MB)
M1 STAR MBG: (3.43MB)
Spanish M1 STAR: (1.16MB)
Czech - M1 STAR EBG: (9.65MB)
Japanese MANUAL GAUGING - Reference Guide: (25.51MB)
M1 STAR MBG: (3.09MB)

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