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Wireless Gauging Handles with Color Screen


I-Wave2 and Wave2 are the most advanced and precise solution for manual off-line measurement. These smart gauges monitor and improve our customers’ quality by providing the best measuring performance on the market (sub-micron precision), and, through Marposs Industrial computers, measurements storage  and statistical analysis. By connecting the gauges with a variety of gaging heads, the i-Wave2 and Wave2 can measure all kinds of internal diameters (from 3mm up), external diameters and gaps.

The I-Wave2 and Wave2 are innovative rechargeable, wireless gauging handles with an integrated 1.8" TFT color screen, able to display the measurement value directly in the operator's hand. By integrating a computer into the gauging handles, Marposs has achieved an unprecedented level of convenience and performance in manual gauging technology.

How to make the I-Wave2 and Wave2 experience even better? The Ready2Gauge app is the perfect solution if you don’t require the advanced functions of a gauging computer. This app is easy to use and allows direct programming, data storage and export in the most popular formats like csv, txt, etc. This means no additional cost for specific training.

Ready2Gauge is available for free on IOS (Apple Store), Android (Play Store) and Windows PC.

On a final note, the I-Wave2 and Wave2  represents an extremely flexible solution, able to satisfy every customer’s request both in advanced applications and as a stand-alone gauges, portable, easy to use and to program.

Wireless Gauging Handles with Color Screen


I-Wave2 and Wave2 are the latest and most innovative gauging handles from Marposs. They can integrate MBG plug heads (Mechanical bore gauge) or EBG plug heads (Electronic bore gauge) for either bore, countersink or snap gauging heads depending on the customers’ needs and allows quick replacement of any gauging head. The I-Wave2 and Wave2 integrated 1.8" TFT color screen displays the measurement value and the measurement status directly in the operator's hand. 

According to Marposs’ tradition, the I-Wave2 and Wave2 are the ideal solution for dimensional inspection in the workshop environment thanks to its high protection degree against coolants and dust and its innovative magnetic buttons system.

The I-Wave2 and Wave2 handles automatically transmits via Bluetooth the measurement to any Marposs or commercial/industrial PC within 10 meters. When operated farther away, the handles store the last measure until the operator returns in range and transmits it to the computer.

The ergonomic design, with twin push buttons, automatic display orientation and inductive recharging system makes the Marposs I-Wave2 and Wave2 extremely easy and comfortable to use for the operators.

The App Ready2Gauge is available for free for iOS, Android and PC with Windows operating system (Win7 and Win10). To download the app refer to the section "Download". 

To know more read the article about I-Wave2

  • Immediate and easy visualization of the measurement value;
  • Automatic display orientation;
  • Able to work stand-alone, programmable by iOS, Android and Windows PC devices;
  • Quick replacement of gauging head;
  •  I-Wave2  accepts any gauging head (plugs, snaps and depth both from Marposs and third parties);
  • Wave 2 compatible with a variety of Marposs transducers
  • Possibility  to measure as a stand-alone gauge;
  •  Automatic measure upload to the gauge computer via  Bluetooth, up to 10m distance; memorization of the last measurement at bigger distance;
  • 24/7 use thanks to fast recharging Li-Ion battery;
  • No cable entanglement or breaks;
  • Ergonomic design for both left and right handed operators.
  • It’s possible to mount very quickly any electronic plug head (Wave2) or mechanical plug head (I-Wave2) by means of an adapter to convert the handle to a plug, snap or depth gauge.
  • Seamless synchronization with the gauge computer.
  • Communication software, developed by MARPOSS, gives users the opportunity to connect the I-Wave2 and Wave2 to any commercial computer with Windows® software.
  • Wireless transmission technology:  Bluetooth® Smart
  • Display 1.8" full color with automatic orientation
  • Auto switch-on by accelerometer
  • Ready2Gauge app which allows easy programming, data storage and export
  • Display view aspect: Portrait  / Landscape   Xable or automatic
  • Programmable auto-shutdown time    
  • Settable acoustic feedback       
  • Communication distance: 10 m
  • IP rating: 67 for I-Wave2 and 65 for Wave2
  • Weight : 540 gr
  • Maximum Resolution: 0.0001 mm
  • Maximum Linearity error (I-Wave2): 0.0003 mm over 5 mm travel
  • Maximum Accuracy error (Wave2): 0.5% displayed value +resolution
  • Battery type: rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Wireless charging system 
  • Inductive charging stand available (separate order)

 The Marposs I-Wave2 and Wave2 handles allows three levels of measurement process.

The handles can be used as a stand-alone gauge by assembling the required (and interchangeable) bore, countersink, snap or depth head. Programmability from iOS/Android/Windows 7 or 10 PC makes they the state of the art for simple manual gauging.

Marposs can also provide full application, with its own Merlin and Merlin Plus gauge computers, allowing the management of multiple gauges and guided measurement sequence for complex parts (engine block, crankshaft and cylinder head).

The I-Wave2 and Wave2 handles are part of the Marposs Smart Solutions for Industry 4.0. The innovative guided sequence system of the Marposs gauging industrial computers directly turns on the screen of the I-Wave2 and Wave2 to be used for the next measurement. These innovative features, in combination with the ability to communicate and to provide feedback to the factory systems make the Marposs Smart Solution an ideal choice for dimensional inspection in mass production plant. In addition to an extremely accurate measurement, this system interacts with the factory management system providing information to increase the customer’s ability to monitor, control and flexibly configure the production process.


Marposs introduces the I-Wave 2: the latest in manual gauging

With its ergonomic design and wireless gauging handle, the I-Wave 2 puts the measurements directly in the operator’s hand. Having flexibility in mind, the I-Wave 2 is compatible with any gauging head allowing for various measurements; internal diameter, external diameter, countersinks, and depth.

Marposs Ready2Gauge app for I-Wave2™ Video Tutorial

Ready2Gauge app for I-Wave2™ handle is user-friendly and allows direct programming, data storage and export in popular formats like csv, txt, etc. This app is the perfect solution for those who do not require the advanced functions of a gauging computer. Ready2Gauge is available for free for iOS®, Android™ and Windows® operating systems. 

I-Wave2™ Bluetooth® wireless handle is the most advanced and precise solution for hand-held gauges in the field of post process quality controls. It is an extremely flexible solution, able to satisfy every customer’s request both in advanced applications and as a stand-alone gauge, portable, easy to use and to program. 

Marposs I-Wave2 wireless gauge: you can handle it

Thinking of making people and collaborative robots work together in quality control? Marposs can handle it! Push the limits of quality control by introducing collaborative robots in your industrial process: integration of cobots and hand held gauges has never been easier.

Marposs I-Wave2 wireless gauge with its powerful guided sequence, remote activation and seamless synchronization with a Marposs industrial PC, can easily be used by human and cobot hands alike. Who will handle it? It’s your choice.



Brochure User Manual
English WAVE LINE: (862.90kB)
I-WAVE2 - Driver Manual: (3.13MB)
I-WAVE2: (4.12MB)
Italian WAVE LINE: (1.11MB)
I-WAVE2: (3.92MB)
I-WAVE2 - Driver Manual: (3.12MB)
German WAVE LINE: (1.11MB)
I-WAVE2: (4.07MB)
French WAVE LINE: (1.11MB)
I-WAVE2: (4.00MB)
Spanish WAVE LINE: (823.36kB)


User Manual Windows App
English I-WAVE2 - Quick-Guide Windows: (0.99MB)
Italian I-WAVE2 - Quick-Guide Windows: (1.11MB)
multilanguage (Eng Ita) - READY2GAUGE: (8.31MB)

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