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Monitoring Solutions for Stamping Machines

Brankamp monitoring systems for sheet metal processing (stamping, drawing, coining, piercing, blanking and bending) protect the machine and tool from overloads, detect process disturbances such as feed failures, rising slugs, punch or die breakage and support the operator in quicker machine set-up. If malfunctions occur, the units stop the machine early in order to prevent or minimize costly damage to the machine and improve the quality of the formed parts. Special equipment solutions for servo and multi station presses as well as precision stamping machines are available. By measuring the stop block forces, an automatic control of the ram adjustment can be realized to keep the quality of the produced parts constant.

Monitoring systems are an effective method to gain insight into the forming process and its stability, to detect production faults and quality deviations and, if necessary, to intervene in the machine to control it (ram height adjustment).

The detection of random, critical process faults such as rising slugs or material cracks during deep drawing can only be achieved by 100% monitoring of each individual stroke. In order to meet these requirements, Brankamp monitoring systems can ensure complete detection of each stroke, even up to the highest stroke rates (3,000 strokes/min). By integration of sensors directly into the machine or tool, suitable process signals (Stamping Force, Ultra Emission, Acoustic Emission, Distance, Binary) are measured and evaluated in detail by suitable monitoring methods. This prevents machine and tool overloads, increases the quality level and productivity of the machine and saves a lot of time during setup.

Our goal is to support our customers in achieving the highest productivity and manufacturing quality in the entire sector of sheet metal processing. The Brankamp monitoring systems are the key to efficient machine, tool and quality monitoring whenever millions of parts are produced monthly.

Monitoring Solutions for Stamping Machines
  • Precise machine and tool protection to avoid consequential damage and downtimes, reduction of repair costs
  • Detailed control of the manufacturing quality to improve the quality level (0 ppm)
  • Increased productivity through extended runtimes, reduced downtimes and optimized production speed
  • Reduction of tool and scrap costs through early failure detection
  • Insight into the process to reduce set-up times and optimize production
  • Operator support through various counters for piece counting (good and bad parts), recording of shift performance and tool life, counters for quality inspection and maintenance intervals, parts/crate and dosing counter.
  • Recording of article-related productivity distributions (production, set-up, stop, rejects) enable precise calculation of part costs
  • Network interface for communication with external programs (MDE/BDE/MES, Teleservice, IoT)
  • Comprehensive documentation of production allows precise runtime analysis and failure tracking

How it works

The entire stamping process can be recorded and monitored by calibrated force sensors on the machine frame or connecting rod (overload detection). These total load sensors can be supplemented by uncalibrated forming forces in the ram or tool head plate close to the process (fine monitoring). Ultra Emission or displacement sensors in/on the stripper plate are used for precise detection of raised slug. With binary sensors (light barriers, contacts or limit switches) and a special tool safety software (up to three monitoring windows), the feed of the strip and ejection of parts can be precisely monitored. The combined, multi-sensory acquisition and evaluation of the described process signals enables comprehensive monitoring of various types of punching, drawing, blanking and stamping presses, even with complicated progressive dies. Various external devices (e.g. air, lubrication, scrap shear etc.) can be controlled directly from the monitoring system via an integrated cam switch unit.

Special features

  • ULTRA EMISSION (UE) for the detection of very small pulled up slug parts
  • ACOUSTIC EMISSION (AE) for an early detection of punch breakage
  • DIGITAL TOOL PROTECTION for precise feed and ejection control limits
  • SPEEDMATIC for a reliable monitoring in case of speed deviation
  • RAM CONTROL for automatic ram height adjustment 


English Ram height adjustment: (1.24MB)
Stamping: (2.35MB)
Acoustic Emission: (974.41kB)
Ultra Emission: (1.58MB)
German Stamping: (2.35MB)
Acoustic Emission: (970.97kB)
Ultra Emission: (1.08MB)
Ram height adjustment: (1.24MB)
Japanese Ram height adjustment: (517.01kB)
Acoustic Emission: (419.53kB)
Stamping: (1.14MB)
Ultra Emission: (438.97kB)

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