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Automatic Measuring Machine for Inspection of Disk-Like Components (Brake Disks, Drums, Wheel Hubs)


The Marposs M100 is an automatic gauge station developed to provide a complete solution to measure a wide range of brake disks, drums and hubs.  



Automatic Measuring Machine for Inspection of Disk-Like Components (Brake Disks, Drums, Wheel Hubs)

The M100 automatic station performs dimensional, geometric and non-destructive (ND) measurements, and can be equipped with additional functions such as the selection and marking of all drums, hubs and brake disks checked.

The M100 is adapted with all the necessary capabilities for  separating, transferring and automatic rotation of the parts coming from the machining line. It can check 100% of the  parts being produced on a line.

It consists of:

  • Gauge station
    Adapted with the most sophisticated Marposs measuring cells, can check diameter, thickness, concentricity, parallelism and  shimmy.
    Perfectly adaptable to measure a wide range of different part types.
    A measurement support, consisting of three rest points, is utilized to refer the part, thus avoiding any type of deformation and prevents any influence on the measurement results.
  • Conveyor
    A chain conveyor, aligned with the axis of the customer's part  automation .
    The separator device  manages the part flow  arriving from the line.
    Extremely fast  part identification, measurement, marking and  good/reject condition assignment.
  • Non-destructive check (ND)
    In addition  to performing dimensional and geometrical parameters on brake disks, hubs and drums, the M100 automatic gauge machine can be configured  to perform non-destructive (ND) checks on surfaces looking for faults such as:
    • cracks
    • blow holes
    • local coatings
    • metallographic faults
    • lack of material
  • Auto-calibration device
     this device, integrated into the machine, is used for  electronic zero-setting of the measurements. The system software provides the advantage of being programmed based on the customer's requirements:
    • auto-calibration on request
    • auto-calibration programmed after "n" number of cycles
    • auto-calibration programmed in time
    • auto-calibration programmed based on changes of the ambient temperature
  • Scrap part chute
    this is a standard component of the M100 gauge station.  Because of the modular design of the system, the position of the scrap part chute can changed based on the specific layout of the customers part transit line. The transparent guards and structure  make checking and removal of reject components very easy.
  • Additional accessories for the M100 gauge station
    The M100 automatic gauge system, can be integrated with the following accessory modules;
    • part identification device
    • part marking station
    • instant temperature check of the part
    • automatic retooling devices


This equipment is used with an industrial PC E9066T and GagePod system and/or  E70s electronic unit




  • Excellent quality/price ratio, guaranteed by a complete  industrialization
  • Extremely quick measurement cycle times
  • The high measurement accuracy allows for certification of components such as drums, hubs and brake disks
  • Designed to measure in any workshop environment
  • Extreme long-term reliability

For all technical characteristics, please refer to the brochure in the DAWNLOAD section.



English M100: (967.14kB)
Italian M100: (799.35kB)
German M100: (1.02MB)
French M100: (0.96MB)
Spanish M100: (0.95MB)

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