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Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Quality Control Software


Quick SPC™ is a suite of software products designed to comply with any SPC / Quality Control requirement, ranging from simple measurement acquisitions to complex gauging applications.
Framed in a simple, wizard driven, common user interface it is possible to complement the base product by means of software Add-ons purposely conceived for specialized industry fields.

  • Large range of applications, from simple manual gauging benches to the most complex automatic gauging machines
  • Powerful and versatile, capable of connecting to a variety of analog and digital measuring devices and machine tool CNC's
  • Safe and reliable with checks on programmed data consistency, data backup and restore utilities, multi-level user security access
  • Fully customizable software environment matching any metrological and statistical need, from customer oriented page layouts to customer-based statistical evaluations
  • Easy to use by operators thanks to programmable Guided Sequences that lead them hand-in-hand through the required operations
  • Supported by any Windows-compatible PC running Windows® XP™, Windows ®7™ or Windows® 10™
  • Q-DAS® qs-Stat® data format compliant, AQDEF 4.1 (level B) certified

Quick SPC software suite for SPC and Quality Control software allows customers to easily create distributed shop-floor data acquisition systems, providing Statistical Process and Quality Control that meet industry standard quality-related guidelines, as defined by present industry requirements.

Quick SPC™ is a native Windows® software for shop floor applications. It is characterized by a flexible software environment, matching current and future metrological and statistical needs: page layouts, short cuts, hot tabs, application templates, reports, customers based statistical evaluations and more.

The suite foresees fully integrated software modules for:

  • data acquisition
  • measurement elaboration
  • statistical analysis
  • machine tool compensation
  • network integration and data storage

Quick SPC™ can be installed on any Windows-compatible PC; in most simple cases, data collection can be simply performed by using keyboard data entry, a USB or serial port. It is provided with a simple yet powerful environment to create guided operator sequences and instructions, using the most common Windows tools: text messages, bitmap, tiff, jpeg, etc., audio and video files, and more.

It  supplies different types of Statistical Analysis, supporting several SPC methods:

  • Statistical Analysis for Process Capability and Machine Capability (i.e real-time and batch analysis])
  • Measurement System Analysis (i.e. Gauge Capability)

A long list of methods is presently supported. Any user, however, can freely program additional methods according to his own needs.

Collected data can be exported in several formats: Q-DAS® qs-Stat®, text (comma / tab delimited, Excel, etc.); other user-specific formats are available upon request. With respect to the Q-DAS® qs-Stat® format  it is fully certified as compliant to AQDEF 4.1, level B.


Configuration and Programming

  • Spreadsheet programming interface, Microsoft® Explorer®-style user interface, integrated Microsoft® Office Access® database
  • Live measurement display and fully guided operator prompted acquisition sequences using multimedia files (bmp, pcx, jpg, avi, mpg, etc.)
  • Consistency control routine for all configuration and Programming phases

Measurements and Zero Setting

  • Static and digital dynamic measuring cycles. Unlimited number of measuring steps and part programs
  • Fully automatic machine tool control (Feedback) and multiple stations control for assembly applications
  • Zero setting and Min-Max mastering with consecutive, cumulative drift controls and non-zero-band controls

Statistical Process Control

  • Configurable and programmable data evaluation complying with International (ISO), National (DIN, AIAG, CNOMO) and customer guidelines
  • Embedded Q-DAS® statistical package for on-line, variable data analysis (control chart, machine and process capability). qs-STAT® fully compliant data storage

Measuring System Analysis

  • Accuracy, Repeatability, Reproducibility, Linearity, Stability studies complying with International (ISO), National (DIN, AIAG, CNOMO) and customers guidelines
  • Fully programmable prompted acquisition sequences in both blind and full details measure mode
  • Measuring System Analysis traceability by storing each study separately together with all necessary references
  • Data evaluation can be run through Marposs® Measuring System Analysis (MSA) software module (option). Analysis can be seamlessly run through Q-DAS® MSA software package as well

Network and Connectivity

  • An ODBC-compliant structure and qs-STAT® compliant data storage allow interfacing to virtually any network client and data base architecture
  • Support for the most popular industrial Fieldbus environments


  • Serial Driver Programmer connects to virtually any serial device using ASCII based protocols
  • Analog Probes Tuner (APT) to set up sensors assembly when more than one sensor is used to create a measurement
  • Group and Users to define multi-level password access, operator based software modules, displays, short cuts, hot tabs, icons and soft-keys
  • Customizable reporting and printing

Language Versions

  • Change Language module allows to select among the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese and Korean
  • Other language versions available on demand
  • On-line manuals in Adobe® Acrobat® format are supplied in every available language

Minimum Hardware requirements

  • Marposs Industrial Computer (model E9066) or any Windows compatible PC
  • Operating System Windows 10, Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, or Windows Xp Service Pack 3
  • Pentium® 4-class processor (or equivalent) with 1GB RAM (recommended minimum 2GB for Windows 7 and Windows 10)
  • 800x600 SVGA display (recommended 1028x768)
  • At least 2GB of free hard disk space

Software Add-Ons

  • Cam Profiles - Camshaft gauging routines to determine the lobes' main characteristic
  • Transmission Components - Double and Single Flank, Noise detection
  • Injection System - Fuel Injection System check through sub-micron technology
  • Glass - Automotive glass gauging routines including best fit elaboration
  • Flexible Measurement Application - 2D Contact and Opto flexible measuring applications


English (461.57kB)
Italian (486.15kB)
German (458.70kB)
Spanish (482.01kB)
Japanese (769.82kB)
Korean (681.82kB)
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