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Electronic for Measurement on Grinders


To improve the quality of the pieces produced of grinding machines are available on the market from several decades of control systems for the dimensions of the workpiece during the work cycle. Among the various types of equipment dedicated to the measurement made by the MARPOSS P7ME is the only fully digital and has the main feature of being able to connect and manage all types of measuring heads produced over the years by MARPOSS. P7ME is a modular device whose dimensions and performance are configured in function of the necessary heads used and to the specific machine control cycles. E 'consists of a Master card that coordinates and manages individual tabs / functions and presiding over the communication mode with the logic of the machine and the operator interface. The programming of the different cycles is available to the end user care that determines, assign parameters, the characteristics to be monitored before, during and after the machining process. E 'can automatically acquire the dimensions of the diameters or lengths of the pieces, analyze noises, comparing with thresholds programmed the various values in order to take decisions to the machine and / or operator.

Electronic for Measurement on Grinders

The P7ME is a device designed for dimensional measurement function. It has two versions of the basket, the first 3 blind slots to be placed inside the machine, which can be connected via suitable cable one or two remote panels or via point-to-point Ethernet, to a PC where you activate the Human interface software (MHIS) the second to 3 slots already with the front panel. Its application software you can specialize according to the type of measurement required In Process / Post Process, and is accordingly configured with the necessary cycles.

P7ME has both hardware interfaces that allow the exchange of signals by means of physical I / O or fieldbus. The connection via Ethernet to a PC allows both to remote user interface is to be able to exchange information, data, files with the machine to allow all 'End User to certify the production and to monitor the service life of the machine itself.

  • Possibility of automatic control and therefore not dependent on operator skill
  • Increase of production quality
  • Uniformity of inspection requirements
  • Constant level of quality of production
  • Reduction of processing times
  • Increased productivity of the machine
  • Facilitation of the operator of the machine activities
  • Checking the consistency of the parameters inserted by the operator
  • Possibility of automatic programming of the control parameters
  • Limited number of spare parts for control equipment used in the different machines

The P7ME has a hardware modularity based on number of measuring heads that must manage for the specific application, for the type of I / O connection and for the Human Interface mode.

The number of measuring heads connected goes from 1 to 8 can be connected to two-channel modules.

For I / O are available from 32 to 96 pins may be configured as individual input output sgenali than as inputs or outputs in BCD / binary format.

Slave are available for different fieldbus (Profibus, Interbus S, Sercos III, Profinet).

The panel has a 5.5" display in color or monochrome, and the remote version has two formats both height = 129.5 mm (3U) but with different width = 482 mm (19") or 226 mm.

Each hardware configuration P7ME system is completed with an application software configuration file that specializes in the various applications. To reconfigure the P7ME software is available a program called "Configurator" can be installed in a PC. This allows managing the same hardware for different software applications, thus limiting the number of physical parts that must be handled by the client who had multiple machines with P7ME installed .



Brochure User Manual Programming Manual
English software (MHIS): (390.08kB)
hardware: (734.27kB)
software (in-process): (440.00kB)
software (post-process): (438.04kB)
In Process: (4.82MB)
In Process: (4.62MB)
Post Process: (3.41MB)
Italian software (MHIS): (394.26kB)
hardware: (739.73kB)
software (in-process): (449.29kB)
software (post-process): (443.90kB)
In Process: (4.74MB)
In Process: (4.66MB)
Post Process: (3.53MB)
German hardware: (755.33kB)
software (in-process): (470.68kB)
software (post-process): (441.15kB)
software (MHIS): (394.90kB)
- -
French software (MHIS): (395.89kB)
hardware: (748.53kB)
software (in-process): (441.16kB)
software (post-process): (439.07kB)
In Process: (10.44MB)
In Process: (4.75MB)
Post Process: (3.64MB)
Spanish software (MHIS): (393.18kB)
hardware: (740.51kB)
software (in-process): (441.27kB)
software (post-process): (442.98kB)
In Process: (10.23MB)
In Process: (5.55MB)
Czech hardware: (805.30kB)
- -
Russian software (MHIS): (490.48kB)
software (post-process): (531.35kB)
- -
Japanese software (MHIS): (721.76kB)
hardware: (802.53kB)
software (in-process): (936.44kB)
software (post-process): (937.14kB)
- -
Simplified Chinese software (post-process): (3.61MB)
software (MHIS): (618.46kB)
hardware: (767.64kB)
software (in-process): (3.50MB)
- -

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