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Electronic for Acoustic Process Monitoring on Grinders


Systems that control the acoustic signals generated by the contact between the grinding wheel and the other machine parts are used to improve the quality of the parts produced by grinding machines. The P7SE system is completely digital and is able to detect the minimum changes during the grinding operations, allowing for an extremely accurate control of the feed speed at the moment that the grinding wheel comes into contact with the part or the dressing. The system is ideal for checking production processes that use super abrasive grinding wheels. During these machining operations the grinding wheel conditioning process (centring and dressing ) must be automatic and as accurate as possible.

Electronic for Acoustic Process Monitoring on Grinders

The P7SE system is designed to check and process the acoustic signals with acoustic sensors, which can be managed contemporaneously and four logic channels.   P7SE is ideal for machining operations with grinding wheels in CBN, which require a specific acoustic noise analyser to optimise the grinding wheel dressing operation.

P7SE acquires the acoustic signal automatically, analyses it and compares it with programmed noise thresholds in order to improve the production process. By defining a noise threshold the operator can perform the collision check and the air gap check:

  • Collision Check (Crash): a correctly defined noise threshold allows for the detection of accidental collisions of the grinding wheel with the part and therefore protect the machine parts.
  • Air gap Check (Gap): by defining a noise threshold the contact between the grinding wheel and the part can be detected and define precisely the moment that the approach speed passes to the feed speed. This check optimises the cycle time.

The P7SE system consists of a Master card that coordinates and manages the acoustic function card and coordinates the communication mode between the machine logic and the operator interface (MHIS).

The P7SE features fieldbus (Profibus and Interbus S) and serial connections for a complete integration with the machine control. 

  • Possibility of an automatic control which is therefore independent of the operator's capability
  • Increased production quality
  • Air gap check
  • Reduction of the dressing cycle time
  • Greater protection against collision for the grinder and the machine
  • Increased life of the individual machine components
  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • I/O static interface
  • Remote panel or PC connection: Ethernet or RS232
  • Profibus interface
  • MHIS (Marposs Human Interface Software)

P7SE is available in two versions:

  • P7SE stand alone: basket with 3 slots and front panel
  • P7SE remote: basket with 3 slots blind, to be placed inside the machine cabinet. The basket can be connected to the remote panel with the cable or it can be connected to a PC with Human Interface (MHIS), via point-point Ethernet


Brochure Programming Manual
English software (process monitoring): (355.44kB)
software (MHIS): (390.08kB)
hardware: (789.07kB)
Italian software (process monitoring): (360.56kB)
software (MHIS): (394.26kB)
hardware: (794.75kB)
German software (MHIS): (394.90kB)
hardware: (810.22kB)
software (process monitoring): (359.90kB)
French software (process monitoring): (358.10kB)
software (MHIS): (395.89kB)
hardware: (810.03kB)
Spanish software (MHIS): (393.18kB)
hardware: (795.82kB)
software (process monitoring): (358.11kB)
Czech hardware: (782.19kB)
Russian software (MHIS): (490.48kB)
software (process monitoring): (618.96kB)
Japanese software (process monitoring): (962.68kB)
software (MHIS): (721.76kB)
hardware: (866.04kB)
Simplified Chinese software (process monitoring): (2.35MB)
software (MHIS): (618.46kB)
hardware: (752.21kB)

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