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Linear Actuators


Excellent metrological performance of Marposs gauges is not always sufficient to guarantee a correct measurement process: the movements executed by the gauge itself play a fundamental role within the context of the applications on grinding machines and machine tools. Marposs  linear actuators  are designed with this in mind, and provide outstanding positioning repeatability performance, even in the most hostile working environments.

The various different types of actuators available can be sub-divided according to type of power supply. Each model is available with a variety of different strokes, which, in some cases, may be customized according to operating requirements.

Linear Actuators

In addition to not requiring any form of hydraulic or pneumatic energy supplies, the electro-mechanically operated  slides boast a large number of innovative features.  They represent the ideal solution for all applications where it is not possible to use pneumatic or hydraulic systems.

Possible applications:

  • External/internal diameter gauging
  • Active/passive positioning
  • Length or thickness measurements
  • Active/passive centering
  • Multi-step gauging
  • Pre-Process cycles
  • In-Process cycles
  • Post-Process cycles
  • Versatility
    Various strokes available: 35, 50, 75, 100, 130
  • Flexibility
    Option of programming intermediate steps, with speed and acceleration ramp regulation
    Two operating modes: manual and automatic, for use when moving the  slide during the set-up phase or under normal operating conditions (standard machine cycles)
  • Compactness
    The dimensions have been optimised depending on the stroke length in order to reduce the space taken up inside the machine to a minimum
  • Precision
    Excellent positioning repeatability performance
  • Reliability
    The slides  are designed for an MCBF > 1,000,000 cycles
  • Robust build
    The stainless steel body guarantees resistance in any working environment, even in the most hostile conditions. IP67 seal rating
  • Error diagnostics
    Enables users to identify incorrect operating conditions quickly and restore the normal conditions without any unnecessary delays.
  • Presence of integrated micro-switches
    The motor logic is capable of controlling the integrated positioning micro-switches and provide the machine with feedback
  • Ease of installation
  • Serviceability


Stainless steel


speed ≤ 75 mm/s

1,5 μm (X / Y)

1,0 μm (Z)


4 ÷ 45 °C


0.3 ÷ 0.4 bar


 90 mm/s


measure application + positioning

(ex. 3 Unimar heads)


(IEC 60529)

IP65 / IP67


The various different types of actuators are available in hydraulically, pneumatically and electro-magnetically operated versions.

Electro-mechanically operated  slides

These carriages are distinguished by the complete absence of hydraulic or pneumatic components*, and by the presence of integrated micro-switches that are controlled by the motor logic. The stainless steel body guarantees resistance in the most hostile conditions. It is possible to program operating parameters such as speed, acceleration and cycle type (manual/automatic). In the event of incorrect operating conditions, the actuator is capable of providing diagnostic information regarding the type of error that has occurred.

The  slide can be controlled via machine I/O, or by the Blù system.

Hydraulically operated  slides

Just like all Marposs linear actuators, these slides guarantee excellent positioning repeatability performance, together with the option of working at different pressures [8 - 30 bar].

They are available in aluminium or stainless steel versions

Due to the presence of flow regulators, they can be decelerated before entering the measurement phase in order to ensure stable positioning and reduce measurement acquisition times.

They are available in the standard version (with strokes of up to 200 mm) as well as a miniaturized version (with strokes of up to 50 mm) that was designed for measurement applications on small-scale machines.

Pneumatically operated  slides

Just like all Marposs linear actuators, these  slides guarantee excellent positioning repeatability performance, together with the option of working at different pressures [3 - 10 bar].

Various versions available: steel and aluminium



Brochure Installation Manual
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Italian (1.63MB)
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Spanish (1.63MB)
Russian (1.70MB)
Simplified Chinese (7.27MB)

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