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Contact Tool Setter Line


In the contact tool setter application field, the TS Line system includes measurement and tool inspection solutions for use inside vertical machining centres. Thanks to the high measurement performance specifications of the probes, the system is capable of providing extremely accurate length and diameter values for a wide variety of tools, including small sizes.

Contact Tool Setter Line

The TS Line includes dedicated probes for presetting contact tools and tool measurements and integrity inspections. TS Line probes enable users to maintain part dimension tolerances under control, thanks to the cutting edge wear monitoring function and the correction of thermal drift caused by ambient and machine conditions. This helps to reduce the quantity of rejects caused by undetected tool breakages during unmonitored machining processes.

The probes are available with three different transmission systems:

  • Hard-wired transmission: the TS30 and TS30 90° probes are supplied with an integrated interface
  • Optical signal transmission: the VOTS and VOTS 90° probes are used together with the VOI optical receiver. No cables are required, and this simplifies the installation procedure on the machine. The probes use modulated optical technology, which renders them immune to light interference.
  • Radio transmission: the WRTS probe is used together with the WRI radio receiver. This probe may be usedin the case of applications where there is no direct line of sight between the presetting system and the receiver.
  • Increased production quality
  • Speed and accuracy of tool setting
  • Precise measurements with drift correction
  • Highly resistant to the ambient working conditions

TS30: TS30 is a compact, hard-wired transmission touch probe for tool inspection applications. It is equipped with and integrated interface that enables it to be connected directly to the machine CNC. The special tungsten carbide probe contact disc is resistant to the wear caused by the cutting edges when rotating, and guarantees a long working life. The probe body is fitted with a LED that provides the principal probe status information.

TS30 90°: The TS30 90° tool setter touch probe finger s mounted at 90° with respect to the probe body in order to optimise both the space it occupies within the working area, and the installation process. In fact, it uses an extremely innovative 3-step alignment system, which has been designed to be quick and easy to use, and ensures that the new base, probe body and stylus are positioned correctly.
The TS30 90° probe alignment procedure can be completed in less than 5 minutes.
The probe is also suitable for measuring small tools since it exerts low contact force.
TS30 90° probes may be equipped with an air blower system in order to ensure the contact disc remains free from any chips or drops of coolant.

VOTS: VOTS is used to carry out breakage and integrity checks, and length and diameter measurements on tools in working centres. The complete absence of cables means that it is simple to install. It may be used in TWIN applications: work piece and tool controls managed by the same optical receiver.
It is used together with the VOI receiver.

VOTS 90°: Thanks to its horizontal design, the VOTS 90° probe may be installed on the machine table, outside the working area. In this way, it is possible save valuable space, without compromising on tool inspection. The low measurement force along the Z axis renders the probe ideal for presetting small tools.
It is used together with the VOI receiver, with integrated interface.

WRTS may be used on machining centres for breakage and wear inspections, as well as tool length and diameter measurements and wear correction. The central part of the contact disk is manufactured in tungsten carbide in order to protect it from damage during the measurement phase. It is completely wireless, which means that it is very simple to install. WRTS probes are available in the centrally mounted version, or with lateral mounting brackets. The probe be used in TWIN applications: work piece and tool controls managed by the same receiver. It is used together with the WRI integrated interface receiver.


For all technical characteristics, please refer to the table in the DOWNLOAD section.



Brochure Data Sheet User Manual Installation Manual Installation and User Manual
English MIDA SOFTWARE: (1.40MB)
TS LINE: (1.20MB)
- VOS: (7.95MB)
WRS: (3.62MB)
VOS: (21.96MB)
TS30 90°: (840.49kB)
WRS: (8.10MB)
Italian MIDA SOFTWARE: (1.40MB)
TS LINE: (1.18MB)
- WRS: (3.63MB)
VOS: (8.03MB)
TS30 90°: (790.75kB)
WRS: (8.18MB)
VOS: (21.89MB)
German MIDA SOFTWARE: (1.41MB)
TS LINE: (1.19MB)
- VOS: (8.05MB)
WRS: (3.66MB)
TS30 90°: (848.95kB)
WRS: (8.14MB)
VOS: (20.96MB)
French MIDA SOFTWARE: (1.40MB)
TS LINE: (1.19MB)
- VOS: (8.07MB)
WRS: (3.75MB)
VOS: (20.66MB)
TS30 90°: (673.65kB)
WRS: (8.18MB)
Spanish MIDA SOFTWARE: (1.41MB)
TS LINE: (1.19MB)
VOS: (8.02MB)
WRS: (3.78MB)
VOS: (22.70MB)
TS30 90°: (856.37kB)
WRS: (8.23MB)
Russian MIDA SOFTWARE: (1.09MB)
- - - -
Japanese MIDA SOFTWARE: (1.01MB)
TS LINE: (0.99MB)
- - - -
Korean TS LINE: (3.43MB)
- WRS: (3.07MB)
- -
Simplified Chinese TS LINE: (3.52MB)
- WRS: (3.93MB)
VOS: (8.83MB)
- -
multilanguage (Eng Ger Ita Fre Spa) - - - - TS30: (1.24MB)


Tech Specs Table
English (74.92kB)
Italian (73.70kB)
German (78.19kB)

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