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Automatic Measuring Machine for Cylinder Block and Engine Head Inspection


M125 is an automatic gauge station developed to provide a solution to measure a wide range of cylinder blocks and heads.

  • Excellent quality to price ratio, guaranteed by a complete industrialisation
  • Extremely quick measurement cycle-times
  • The high measurement accuracy allows for the certification of high volume components such as cylinder blocks and heads
  • Designed to measure in any workshop environment
  • Extreme long-term reliability

The M125 automatic gauge station is designed to measure in any workshop environment.

It is able to perform dimensional, geometric along with non-destructive (ND) checks. In addition to this, further functions such as marking, part selection, and the back-up area can be performed.

The M125 can check 100% of the entire production line.

It consists of:

  • Conveyor
    motorized roller conveyor moves the parts being checked.
    The parts are positioned with the distributor or gear side forward and supported on the oil pan plane.
    A series of intermediate part stops (recognition, marking, scrap, etc.) are positioned along the conveyor 
  • Dimensional gauge station
    The gauge station is designed to be independent of the vibrations from the part conveyor.
    It consists of two parts:
    • Upper section:
      electro-mechanically activated part elevator unit designed to refer the cylinder block and raise it to the measuring parts, usually consisting of four cylinder rod plugs, in turn fitted with measuring cells
    • Upper section:
      plugs secured to one or more measuring sections to check the cylinder rods (cylinder block), horizontal crankshaft (or camshaft in the head) axis check plug, with an equal number of measuring sections equal to the bench supports

The combination of measuring cells allows for the measurement of: diameters, ovality, concentricity, perpendicularity, and distances.


  • Self-Calibration Device
    M125 is fitted with a self-calibration device for the electric zero-setting of the dimensional measurements. 
    The calibration function can be customised by the customer as shown in the examples below:
    • Upon request
    • Programmed after "n" number of measuring cycles
    • Time
    • After changes in the environment temperatures


  • Non-destructive (ND) check
    Like the measurement of all the dimensional parameters, the M125 gauge station can be configured for the non-destructive measurement of the following surface defects:
    • Cracks
    • Porosity


  • Scrap parts chute
    the scrap parts chute is a standard component of the M125 station. Thanks to the modularity of the system, its position can be changed based on the specific layout of the parts conveyor line.


  • Additional accessories for the M125 gauge station
    The M125 automatic gauge system, can be integrated with the following accessory modules:
    • Part type recognition unit
    • Automatic or manual part type change-over device
    • Marking station (permanent or non-permanent marking)
    • Probe unit for the instantaneous temperature control of the connecting rod

A requalification and back-up area is also available for the following functions:

  • Requalification of scrap parts using a series of manual plugs
  • Back-up of the marking station when the machine device is under maintenance
  • Back-up of the machine when the gauge station is under maintenance
  • Off-line part measurement and marking


This equipment is used with E9066T industrial PC and GagePod system.


The technical specifications, such as metrological and dimensional performance, are discussed and agreed on with the customer during the technical sales negotiations, in order to find the best quality to price ratio, together.




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Italian (635.12kB)
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