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Redefining Standards: Basis Weight Measurement Excellence in Roll-to-Roll Applications

Basis weight measurement in the Roll-to-Roll (R2R) process is a crucial element that plays a central role in ensuring the quality and performance of materials used in various industries, especially in the production of Li-Ion Batteries (LIB) and Fuel Cells (FC).

Excellent for Roll-to-Roll Applications

Marposs MeSys provides effective, reliable, and safe on-line and off-line weight/thickness measurement systems for film, foils, and sheets in the whole battery production line.
From coating and drying to calendering, slitting separation, or assembly, safety is our top priority in the EV-battery industry, and this is why our technologies and products are designed not just to meet, but to redefine safety standards, creating a secure, advanced, and reliable manufacturing environment for our customers.
The electrode component coating process involves a roll-to-roll method to apply a liquid film onto a thin metal substrate, ensuring consistency and uniformity in the coated electrode to mitigate potential dangers.

Key process operations and benefits encompass:

  • Metal Foil Rolling: This step ensures the production of high-precision electrodes.
  • Electrode Coating and Drying: Precise and uniform coating is achieved, maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Electrode Calendering: Monitoring electrodes pre- and post-compression enhances stability and safety measures.

Revolutionising Ultrasonic Technology

All measurements are done thanks to our patented ultrasonic technology: a non-contact, radiation-free measure able to address all key operations in the Roll-to-Roll (R2R) process, specifically in metal foil rolling, electrode coating and drying, and electrode calendering.
Our technologies are not limited to basis weight. Post-drying, electrodes undergo calendering to increase energy density by compressing the active material. Controlling deviations in thickness is vital, and this is why we also employ Chromatic Confocal Technology for geometrical measurement and camera inspection during this critical step.

Our inspection system are:
1. Innovative: Non-destructive, non-contact, non-material nor color dependent and with an easy patented zeroing process.
2. Radiation-Free: Absolute absence of radiation, ensuring safety for operators and the surrounding environment.
3. Reliable: High Accuracy and unmatched repeatability. We emphasise the importance of material homogeneity for accurate measurement. Repeatability is essential for reliable results.
4. Material Independence: 100% control of electrode or other web materials, unaffected by composition or color.
5. Ready for Industrial Automation: with dedicated flexible software compliant with OPC/UA standards.

Versatile Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Our portfolio of ultrasonic sensors is designed to meet various requirements, specializing in measurement control for moisture, thickness, and weight. Each model is crafted to address specific industry needs. Thus, we developed and designed our products for both laboratory and industrial environments to make sure that each one of them is optimised for its intended setting.

  • Unisense: This single horizontal scanning sensor, available in C or O shapes, offers a simple yet accurate solution for measuring battery basis weight in both wet and dry stations. Utilising a single traversing sensor, it effectively analyses material basis weight.
  • Multisense: Featuring multiple fixed patented sensors, this premium option in our portfolio offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. It excels in providing precise and repeatable measurements for both wet and dry film basis weight, as well as moisture levels. Ideal for customers aiming to monitor 100% of their battery's basis weight, this system ensures optimal production monitoring without compromise.
  • Unisense-GO: As a portable version equipped with a single sensor, Unisense-GO is suitable for any environment. Designed for integration into battery electrode production lines or laboratory settings, this sensor offers immediate usability thanks to its lightweight construction. Its detachable design enables easy transportation, providing a convenient and versatile basis weight measurement experience without sacrificing performance.
  • Labsense: Specifically tailored for Li-Ion Battery Analysis, Labsense combines various sensors to accurately determine weight, thickness, and density. It was developed in response to customer demands for a comprehensive quality control system.  As ultrasonic technology pioneers for basis weight and confocal technology within Marposs Group, our solution is able to completely track the geometry of your battery foils providing a robust and accurate quality control system.

Our sensor technologies offer clean and safe solutions, requiring no special permissions for use. Insensitive to chemical composition or colors, ultrasonic technology facilitates real weight measurements, ensuring user-friendly application across diverse materials.


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