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Look further: Marposs for Electromobility

Marposs for elecromobility

Presented as one of the most significant challenges that the automotive industry has ever had to face, the transition to electro-mobility demands a radical revolution at the very heart of the locomotion system.

The shift from an internal combustion engine to an electric powertrain is creating a new "paradigm" which requires the development of dedicated skills, in terms of design concepts and production methods.

Even though the EV market has already taken its first few steps, it has already opened a breath of new opportunities; of which, Marposs is at the forefront of.

Marposs’ long term experience in the process control and quality assurance, together with the aptitude to solve problems with an innovative approach, can be leveraged to face the various obstacles that electro-mobility presents.


A reliable partner for new challenges

Since electro-mobility presents innovative challenges for the whole supply chain, customers need solutions to solve them. Marposs’ breadth and depth of products, coupled with the ability to offer customized solutions, makes Marposs the ideal partner in the joint development of cutting-edge projects.

Marposs' deep-rooted know-how in process control and quality assurance, applied to the production of internal combustion engine components, can be transferred to the manufacturing difficulties of the electric powertrain.

From a purely mechanical point of view, the electric powertrain is less complex than an internal combustion engine. Nevertheless, there is a need for inspection and measurement of various parameters; the control of which, calls for definite skills and the use of specific technologies.

That’s where the extensive experience of Marposs can provide competent support to customers: first identifying the most convenient and reliable solution, then ensuring long-term support anywhere in the world with its global presence, sales, and service organizations.


Marposs for the e-mobility sector

Being at the early stages of mass production, the electro-mobility industry is characterized by high variability of the proposed solutions, frequent design changes to the components, and continuously growing production volumes.

In this context flexibility is an essential added value to the quality and control of components. For these applications, the ability of Marposs to put in place competences in different technological sectors provides the creation of integrated solutions for the complete quality and control of the components.

Marposs' most innovative contribution comes from applications on electro-mechanical components where process control and quality control can involve various technologies for the verification of completely different parameters. Also, for machine monitoring solutions, the wide range of products and applicative experience can be used in manufacturing lines on different types of EV components.


Marposs leak testing solutions

In order to meet the high-quality requirements for a battery, both in mobile and stationary use, measurement and testing technology must be applied systematically along the production process in order to:

  • Avoid a high number of rejects; 
  • Meet the demands for safety and performance.

Marposs can provide a wide range of standard products and customized solutions, either manual or fully automated, for the leak testing of the EV components along the complete manufacturing chain.

Depending on the leak testing requirements, tailored solutions and technologies can be proposed:

  • Wide range of electronic equipment for the leak testing with air methods (absolute pressure decay, differential pressure decay, and mass flow);
  • Complete customized applications for leak testing with air methods;
  • Sniffing solutions with tracer gas, for the identification of the leakage points; 
  • Global check with tracer gas in accumulation or vacuum chamber, for the highest sensitivity testing.


Discover Marposs Leak Testing Solutions 


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