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Modular monitoring system for machine tools

Industry 4.0 demands more and more flexibility as a key factor of adaptation for businesses that want to survive in the future marketplace. That’s when efficiency in production control operations becomes increasingly significant. In this context, the importance of measurement technology and its integration in the production line is crucial.

Measuring systems applied to manufacturing processes guarantee the machine tools performance and the production quality, detect possible damages, failures or rejects and prevent equipment downtime. 

Depending on what has to be produced and machine specifications, every application may have different requirements. Therefore, selecting the most suitable monitoring system for machine tool can be highly demanding.

An innovative measuring system by Marposs is already available in machine tools, enabling real time communication between various internal and external machine functions: Marposs BLÚ.

In order to complete the BLÚ distributed control network for a wide range solution that covers all the medium-high complexity applications, Marposs has recently presented the Marposs BLÚ LT, an advanced modular system with direct sensor multiple connections.


An Integrated Modular System: BLÚ LT Best Features


Sturdy, compact, modular, user-friendly, Industry 4.0 native. The BLÚ LT comes with all these features to support a deep integration with machine tools and production plant.

Specifically, BLÚ LT modularity makes easy the integration activity of the machine tool manufacturer: adopting BLÚ LT doesn’t solve the needs of a specific machine but of the entire machines line. Moreover, modularity makes efficient the maintenance activities which allowing a fast diagnosis and repair intervention.

Thanks to a maximum level of integration between the measurement system, the machine and the whole company network, the production quality is increased, the production stability is granted, the cycle time is reduced and the lifetime of machine elements is enlarged.

Consequently Marposs BLÚ LT can be considered as the eyes and ears in a manufacturing system, which sends information to the main controller about what is going on in the process itself providing high precision and in-process reliability.

The BLÚ LT is focused towards the production requirements of each customers and an absolute user satisfaction: user friendly language, intuitive menus and a customizable human interface - the BLÚ HI - It makes easy and comfortable the interaction with the system. The machine maker decides how to display information creating dashboards and selecting the widgets to be displayed.


Functional and Flexible for Each Application


The BLÚ LT is a flexible system so that it can be adapted for a wide variety of uses and applications such as:


  • MEASUREMENT (ME): the part dimension check can be performed either during (in-process) or before/after (pre /post-process) working.


  • ACOUSTIC EMISSION (AE): A check run using ultrasound sensors for monitoring working cycles and machine conditions. The contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece or the dresser can be monitored.


  • GRINDING WHEEL BALANCING (WB): necessary both to guarantee the quality of parts produced and protection of machine parts.  By driving electro mechanical balancers anomalous vibration conditions can be automatically removed.


A Reference for New Grinding Applications


BLÚ LT, together with BLÚ, represents a new reference for grinding applications also in the electro-mobility industry. The energy efficiency is important in every sector and in the electromobility it is the crucial aspect for extending the cars range.

BLÚ LT controlling the grinding process of the mechanical components is the key to succeed in this technological evolution.


Discover more about BLÚ LT


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