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Elevating Production Efficiency with the Five Core Modules of Marposs C-THRU4.0

Marposs presents its new C-THRU4.0 software suite, our cutting-edge solution to improve production, quality and thanks to the newest component, The C-energy decrease energy consumption lowering carbon emissions. This Software module is the key to create an Energy Management System for any manufacturing facility.

In today’s complex landscape of industrial production, the efficacy of machine tools and the management of manufacturing processes are critical for maintaining competitivity. Process monitoring is essential to reach elevated quality standards, increase productivity, and minimize waste.

A comprehensive approach to sustainable processes the essence of C-THRU4.0 lies in its five core modules, starting with C-Analyse. This module is designed to optimize machine operations, ensure traceability and gives access to predictive maintenance. By saving and examining the process data, C-Analyse points out where in the process optimization is needed and let’s evaluate the implemented changes.

Complementing C-Analyse is the C-Tooling add-on, which sharpens the focus on tool optimization: benchmarking tool performance and calculating the cost per piece, thus streamlining resource management C-OEE emerges as a pivotal module for decoding production downtime causes with no manual intervention, thus enhancing machine productivity and uptime. C-Probe centralizes probe measurement readings and validates processing outcomes, offering an instantaneous quality evaluation, and spotlighting any discrepancies or emerging trends.

The final piece of the suite, C-Energy, is dedicated to monitoring and fine-tuning energy consumption within facilities, ultimately aiding businesses in reducing energy costs and their carbon footprint.

Improve Energy Management with C-Energy

The C-Energy module stands out as a versatile tool, compatible with any electrical energy-consuming piece of equipment, including machinery and ancillary units like compressors, pumps, and cooling systems. Its primary function is to track energy consumption, nderstanding consumption patterns, driving energy efficiency, and slashing both costs and CO2 emissions.

Key features of C-Energy include:

  • Consumption Monitoring and Analysis: C-Energy casts a detailed lens on energy usage within a specific plant or department. It autonomously identifies potential energy-saving opportunities, such as powering down idle equipment, or pointing out spikes that inflate energy bills.
  • Basic OEE and Workload analysis: The module presents tools to fine-tune equipment workload, extending the savings, from the energy consumption per piece to the efficiency of the whole operation.
  • Energy Cost per Piece: Leveraging consumption models or connecting to other monitoring system, C-Energy calculates the energy expenditure for each unit produced.
  • Condition-Based Monitoring: It permits to identify anomalies in electrical equipment preventing unexpected failures.

Deploying C-Energy just requires simple measurement units per machine, connecting it to a server to embark on a journey towards optimized energy management.


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