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Hybrid contact/non-contact measurement with chromatic confocal technology


P3CF™  is a measuring system combining traditional contact probes and contactless probes relying on confocal technology (hybrid measurement). P3CF™ can directly measure both distance of all kind of materials and thickness of materials transparent to white light. 

Hybrid measurement with chromatic confocal technology

Optimize your manufacturing process with P3CF™ technology, offering a cost-effective solution for thickness measurement even when material transparency is not guaranteed. Our innovative approach involves calculating thickness indirectly by determining the difference between the distances of a reference surface and the target on the same surface. P3CF™ can manage simultaneously up to four contact gauges and two non-contact confocal probes, enabling simultaneous thickness measurement on multi-axes machines performing both roughing and finishing processes. Such flexibility restricts the use of contactless tecnology to the final stage only of manufacturing process when it is not allowed to touch the target 

  • Provides non-contact thickness measurement of any material transparent to white light 
  • Provides non-contact distance measurement, suitable in all cases where it is necessary to measure without touching the target 
  • Provides contact distance measurement, more reliable in the roughing stages or when targeting unpolished materials 
  • Provides hybrid measurement, carrying out combined contact and not contact measurement
  • Performs dynamic measurement with surfaces discontinuity management
  • Allows an easy integration into any system through SDK and protocol commands 
  • Allows a synchronized measurement with respect to axes position using encoders 
  • IP68 probes for measurement in harsh environement
  • IP40 probes for measurement in clean environment
  • Up to 4 contact probes and 2 contactless probes conntectable
  • Measure samples acquisition up to 2KHz 
  • Measuring SW available to combine in a multiple way single probes measurement 
  • Human-Machine-Interface avaialble for programming and measure acquisition from operator
  • Protocol command available for programming and measure acquisition from machine
  • Contactless-only solution with 1 confocal probe
  • Contactless-only solution with 2 confocal probes
  • Hybrid-solution with 1 confocal probe and up to 2 UNIMAR probes
  • Hybrid-solution with 1 confocal probe and up to 4 UNIMAR probes
  • Hybrid-solution with 2 confocal probes and up to 2 UNIMAR probes
  • Hybrid-solution with 2 confocal probes and up to 4 UNIMAR probes


Inglese P3CF: (1.43MB)
Giapponese P3CF: (1.22MB)
Coreano P3CF: (1.43MB)
Cinese Semplificato P3CF: (664.33kB)

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