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Automatic system for measuring brimful capacity of glass containers without water


ATMOS™ is an innovative automatic system for measuring brimful internal volume of glass containers using pneumatic technology instead of water.

Particularly suitable for perfumery containers that, due of their small bore diameter, cannot be measured with automatic capacity measuring systems using water. Thanks to its flexibility, it is also suitable for measuring brimful capacity of wide mouth containers like, for example, cosmetic jars.

ATMOS™ can be installed downstream a VisiQuick™ machine for dimensional measurement, buti it is also available for standalone installation.

Automatic system for measuring brimful capacity of glass containers without water

ATMOS™ operation is based on pressure unbalance between a reference pneumatic circuit and a measurement pneumatic circuit including the container to be measured. The reference pneumatic circuit includes a reference volume, generated automatically by means of an accurately machined, position controlled, pneumatic actuator.

The volumetric deviation of the measured container, with respect to its nominal volume, is calculated based on the pressure deviation resulting when reference and measurement circuits are put into communication.

In case of standalone installation, containers to be measured are manually loaded on ATMOS™  infeed conveyor and the measuring cycle is carried out automatically.

In case of installation downstream a VisiQuick™ machine for dimensional measurement, containers to be measured are automatically delivered to ATMOS™ after being measured on the VisiQuick.

Measurements results are referred to the cavity number. After measurement, containers are delivered to an accumulation table where “good” and “scrap” parts are separated. In this way “good” parts can be recovered and and re-introduced into the production flow.

  • Flexible: No mechanical retooling required. No physical reference volume required for system calibration according to the nominal volume to be measured.
  • Accurate: Exceeding accuracy of water based systems.
  • Saving manpower costs: Measuring manually, with water, brimful capacity of containers having a small bore diameter, like perfumery containers or miniatures, is very critical, boring and time consuming, and requires a lot of manpower. All these drawbacks are eliminated with ATMOS™.
  • Sustainable and energy saving system: Unlike internal volume measuring systems using water, containers don’t have to be destroyed after internal volume measurement, thus saving energy, and the related costs, required to melt and produce them again.
  • Compatible with Manufacturing Execution Softwares (MES): ATMOS™ is fully integrated with the most popular MES (e.g. Vertech SIL™ and others). ATMOS™ receives from the MES  all the information required to automatically generate the recipe related to the article to be measured. No programming is required by the operator on ATMOS™.

Measurable containers dimensions

Total height: 17-240mm

Bore diameter: 5-75mm

Range of measurable volumes


Measurement repeatability

0,1-1ml based on the nominal volume of the container to be measured

Measurement time

≤60 sec.

Ambient working conditions

ATMOS™ must be installed in a temperature controlled environment.

Containers to be measured must be thermally stabilized.



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