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Automatic Motor Testing System


The systems AMT, together with the PAE systems, are automatic computerized systems designed for the complete testing in production of electrical motors of whichever kind: AC Singlephase and/or Threephase, DC, eventually with Gear Box, from few Watt to 1MW, Brushless, Magnetic Reluctance, Actuators, for Appliances, Industrial Products.

Automatic Motor Testing System

Based on the type of motor or finished product to be tested, the systems can include, in addition to the traditional normative safety test and no load test, also many different innovative tests, such as, for example: Torque-RPM measurement also without mechanical brakes (DET – DLT), vibration and/or noise measurement, Partial Discharges Measurement and PDIV test (Partial Discharge Inception Voltage) in order (among other purposes) to verify the suitability of a motor to be driven by Inverter. 

The system AMT320/W includes in the basic version all the measurements and essential functions e of saving, stamp and archiving of the testing results. The system allows the printing of many certificates in different languages and can allow also the printing of adhesive labels. The system has a software storage program both for the testing programs and parameters and of the testing results, preventive maintenance programs, calibration software and autodiagnostic software; in addition, are available remote assistance software and many different options, including the possibility to link to a local network through LAN.

  • Sensorless motor testing, or motor testing through drive commands
  • Integration of power supplies of any size
  • RPM torque measurement even without mechanical brakes (DET - DLT)
  • Vibration and noise measurements,
  • Partial Discharge measurements and Partial Discharge Inception Voltage (PDIV) tests to verify if a motor can work with inverters 
  • FFT Spectrum Analysis of the Back EMF signal
  • Harmonic analysis and Total Harmonic Distortion calculation
  • Determination of the relative percentage distortion of each harmonic
  • Ripple measurements
  • Active Short Circuit test
  • Possibility of a version of the machine that performs BEMF analysis on rotors, using a sample stator

The systems can be realized to work on automatic line (sometimes supplying also the benches, to be integrate into the line – single or double station, multistation with rotating table) or for operator use, with single or double station workbenches, separated or integrated, or rotating tables.

The great flexibility of the e.d.c. systems allows to realize completely the testing solution that perfectly matches the Customer needs, considering both the characteristics of the products to be tested and the production requirements (cycle time, space available) and the specific requirements that some special tests ca ask (for example, the measurements of vibration require a special mechanical in order to be correctly performed, as well as the noise measurements).


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