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Revolutionizing Gear Manufacturing with Marposs M62 Flex

The electrification of conventional powertrains and the development of new electric drive units is also involving gear manufacturing. Electrified transmissions are subject to several challenges and requirements. Notably, the number of gear wheels is significantly reduced in electric vehicles due to the use of one or two-speed reducers instead of the classic manual or twin-clutch gearboxes. In return, the quality of these gears must surpass current standards. Therefore, the need to build up knowledge and experience in the field of gear inspection is more crucial than ever.

Marposs offers a very wide range of solutions and applications for gear inspection by relying on decades of experience in this field. By providing sensors for machine monitoring, off-the-shelf solutions, and complex customized applications, Marposs positions itself as the perfect partner to help keep the entire gear manufacturing process under control.

M62 FLEX: Flexible Gauging for Gear Inspection

M62 Flex is one of the gear measuring instruments that Marposs is promoting to fit these requirements. It’s a standalone manual-use bench gauge for the inspection of some of the most traditional toothing parameters of gears: DOB (MdK), Root Diameter, and Tip Diameter.

It is provided with two multiple contact turrets that can hold up to six different contacts each, giving the chance to measure different gears and features without the need to mechanically retool the gauge. The use of electric-driven actuators makes it a flexible system at a time when flexibility has become a must. Provided with highly precise tools and a robust design, M62 Flex is the most appropriate system to monitor the quality of a gear soon after the most crucial machining operations like hobbing, shaving, and teeth grinding. The system can be installed on the shop floor close to the machine (i.e., a grinding machine) to provide quick feedback on the results of the machining operation. It represents the most suitable solution for those Tier manufacturers that have to deal with a wide variety of gears, even for different market segments: automotive, industrial, dental.

The gear manufacturing process under control

Using the M62 Flex in the production environment helps to speed up the quality control process, especially in the case of high-volume production. The benefit of having a very quick measuring instrument next to the machine prevents the accumulation of parts to be measured in the laboratory, often resulting in a not negligible waste of time. Furthermore, the use of soft-landing technology prevents the risk of damages and marks on non-hardened parts, traditionally a significant problem for the sector.

M62 Flex can be provided in two main configurations: external or internal gears.

  • The configuration to inspect external gears has the capability to inspect diameters in the range of 10 - 150 mm & 150 – 300 mm, both spur and helical gears with even or odd numbers of teeth.
  • The configuration to inspect internal gears has the capability to inspect diameters in the range of 75 - 195 mm & 195 – 250 mm, both spur and helical gears with even or odd numbers of teeth.

The system is provided with a guided interface that drives the operator through the very few measuring steps. So the operator just has to load the gear on the gauge and follow the instructions on the screen. Moreover, they can rely on Marposs's worldwide presence that always ensures proper and expert assistance within the shortest possible time.


M62 Flex’s Benefits in Brief

  • Range of applicability: The use of moving coil actuators gives the possibility to measure gears with a wide range of diameters (10 - 300 mm) in one gauge without any mechanical retooling or additional components.
  • Soft-land Technology: The use of appropriate software allows the measuring groups to approach the surface of the teeth with controlled low force while monitoring their position error. This is identified as the proper solution to avoid damages and marks on parts.
  • Ease of use: The system is extremely easy to use and provided with a guided interface that makes the operation of the automated system very simple and intuitive.
  • Precision and accuracy: M62 Flex becomes part of Marposs's family of gear measuring instruments for which accurate standards of metrological quality have been defined to meet the level of precision required for the most demanding applications in the transmission sector.
  • Pricing: Despite the high quality and precision, the M62 Flex comes to the market at a very competitive price.


Guarantee by Marposs

Based on several years of experience, Marposs has defined accurate standards for the metrological quality of their gear measuring instruments that nowadays represent the state of the art for the evaluation of gear products, being compliant with the most important international standard regulations (DIN, ISO, AGMA).

Before getting into the customer’s hands, every gauging equipment is tested at Marposs facilities and a certification of compliance is provided along with the system.


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