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Inspection gauges for process control

Inspection gauges fo process control

For nearly every product that has to be manufactured, there is a need for monitoring the quality of components during the entire production process.

This is increasingly true for components designed to inject fuel at high pressure: diesel pumps that work on the pressure of 3000 bar and gasoline valves that work at more or less 200 bar.

Even though the future looks bright for electric-vehicle (EV) growth, ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) is still at the core of car passenger applications. The main goal required for these applications is high efficiency, together with a low percentage of emissions.

At this stage, some automotive manufacturers are almost ready to provide a new version of ICE with lower percentage of emissions compared to the current working in the market but they are waiting to understand what will be the future of the “old” Internal Combustion Engine.

For this reason, Marposs is developing new measuring group to be inserted in the current consolidated solution aim to achieve performance increasingly complex.

Here, process control of injection systems and valves is crucial since the dimensional features that need to be measured are strictly related to some fluydodynamic consideration about the real quantity of diesel or gasoline they should have to consider.

Since the quality of the total manufacturing processes becomes the quality of the measurement of the specific features, the production of injectors, pump body and valve - the main components of the Injection Industry - must be taken under accurate control.

Leak test of the matching component and the check of the fuel’s dosing are two main processes that have to be kept always under control in order to achieve the increasingly narrow requirement of the manufacturing field.

But automotive manufacturers are not in the condition to keep the processing enough accurate to satisfy the specific and strict requirements of the fields. This is where Marposs comes in providing the functional control of the leak test of diesel and gasoline components of pump body and fuel’s dosing.

The solid knowledge in the inspection processes makes Marposs the best partner for customers that want to enhance the reliability and accuracy of the manufacturing process.


The M39S

M39S is Marposs gauging solution to guarantee the best repeatability and accuracy required for the measurement of very precise mechanical components like injectors, pumps and hydraulic valves. The gauge is extremely compact in overall size, since all components are fixed to one common aluminium profile.

The M39S checks at the same time the external diameter of the Pin component and the internal diameter of the valve body. The leak test is connected to the matching diameter clearance of these two components.

Marposs M39S measuring station is ideal for integration in automatic machines, even when there is very little space available. Robust design and the use of standardized and easily interchangeable pneumatic measuring components makes M39S highly proficient to guarantee excellent metrological performance over a period of years in typical production environments, like in automatic post-process applications.


Now... and then

In 2019 Marposs is specializing in manufacturing a wide selection of fixtures and gauges for various projects and applications in the injection application field for automotive and increasingly for the aerospace industry

Generally speaking, Marposs supplies pneumatic and contact solutions for three different categories of market that are well distributed and various:

  • Heavy-duty vehicles for automotive applications, which show a constant behaviour also for the following years.
  • Light duty vehicles for automotive applications
  • Aerospace supply, which is considerably increasing and shows even better prevision for the following years. 


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