Marposs, with 50 years presence as the world leader in gauging, proved that in-process gauging on grinding machines can be a powerful tool for ensuring optimum part quality in grinding operations.

Over a number of years, specific designs were realized depending on machine type or the part to be ground. In the late 1990's Marposs rationalised and engineered the Unimar which is a truly unique gauge head combining high precision with versatility.
Thousands of Unimar gauge systems have already been installed worldwide by manufacturers of all types of grinding machines with exceptional results, these being used in many industrial sectors, including the automotive, bearing, compressors, injectors, hydraulic, and electrical appliance industries.
To suit the current and future trend for smaller grinding machines, Marposs has now introduced the NanoUnimar, another innovative design, evolving from the successful Unimar range.
NanoUnimar has small physical dimensions, however it pays large dividends in term of cost and performance ratios. Its sub-micron accuracy and stability are, with its compact size, the main features in providing a gauge solution when space is restricted and micro components are being ground.
NanoUnimar can be used with the full range of Marposs electronic units, including the P7 with its cycle display and machine control via its screen.
Alternatively it can be directly connected to the grinding machine's PC based CNC using the Marposs Human Interface Software (MHIS), making efficient use of an existing resource.
In spite of its size NanoUnimar's design provides reliability and precision whilst in the harsh grinding environment and ensures that modern process tolerances can be achieved.

This measuring head is to be connected to E9, P1, P7 P7ME or P3ME electronics.

To ensure that your equipment always gives you the highest quality measurements, always use Marposs original spare parts (e.g. probes, fingers, slides, etc.)

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