machine tool retrofit Depending on the type of grinder, Marposs proposes different applications:
  • in-process and post-process measuring systems,
  • wheel balancers,
  • monitoring sensors,
  • probes
not only to new machines, but also in case of retrofit of used machines.
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BLÚ is the innovative modular machine tool monitoring and/or process control system. This system is the result of over 50 years of experience in the management and optimization of machine tool working processes.

BLÚ consists of a series of Function Nodes interconnected to form a proprietary network using a single Bus managed by the Master Node, which is normally installed in the machine cabinet.

You may find here below a table of the applications: clicking a green bullet bullet in the appropriate row and column you will either see a popup that shows the options available for that scenario (please click the link of the requested option) or will be taken directly to the page describing that application.

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Unimar application on grinder


The part is continuously measured during the grinding process and the machining cycle is optimized based on the amount of stock to be removed.
Marposs in-process systems allow producing part with excellent surface finishing and extremely small dimensional tolerances.

Marposs in-process applications are designed so as not to be affected by the machine conditions (temperature variations, cold start-up, vibrations, etc.)

Different measuring heads are available as a function of both the type of operation and the grinder (cylindrical, centerless, for inside, for outside, etc.):

  • Comparative measurement of inside or outside diameters, smooth or grooved surfaces, with quick set-up devices, for an easier zero-setting.
  • Absolute measurement with automatic zero-setting on smooth or grooved outside diameters
  • Measurements on grinders for flat surfaces
  • High-precision coupled grinding on parts (ex. injectors, bearings, etc.)
  • Part positioning  
  • Special applications for any type of grinder


Marposs post-process measuring systems carry out the measurement soon after machining, and generate feedback and compensation signals to the machine tool check.

These are simple or sophisticated measuring stations, dedicated or flexible, manual or automatic, self-standing or completely integrated in the active (conveyors and/or robots) or passive (rolling) part transfer system.


A correctly balanced grinding wheel improves the surface quality of the individual parts and extends the spindle life.

Marposs line of balancers is the best solution for continuously monitoring the wheel condition and automatically compensating any unbalance during the cycle.

Marposs supplies balancing heads both outside and inside the spindle, and electronic processing units able to transmit both through cable and with infrared signal.


Marposs proposes a range of sensors of different types (acoustic, acceIerometric, strength, shift, power, etc.) for monitoring the grinding process. The acoustic sensors are particularly indicated for the machining cycle optimization (end of gap elimination) to prevent impacts, since they are able to detect the minimum sound variations, to extend the wheel life thanks to the dressing check.

The accelerometric sensors detect the vibrations caused by unbalanced wheels or anomalous rolling conditions, and generate opportune compensations (automatic balancing) or preventive maintenance alarms.

The power, shift and strength sensors that check the machining and dressing axes are further systems for prevention and process check, controlled by a single electronic system integrated in the grinder.


Marposs offers a complete line of part probing supplying probe, styli with different shapes and dimensions, several bracket types to install the application on various types of grinding machines, such as external cylindrical grinders, tool grinders, sharpening and gear grinders . The use of automatic setting and part probing on CNC machines has resulted in a significant improvement in production quality.


Thanks to the Marposs retrofit service, you can install new instruments on your grinder to make it more efficient, modern, and productive, keeping your investments to a minimum.



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