WRS system is a high precision gauge composed by a probe/transmitter module (WRP) and a receiver/interface one (WRI). WRS can be connected with all CNC during manufacturing cycles, thus transforming the machine tool in a real measure and verification environment.

Data transmitted by the application during touch are instantly elaborated by CNC for identification, positioning and measure of manufacturing part.
The advantage is a reduction of working times and scraps.

Probe/Transmitter module (WRP)
It detects part co-ordinates and dimensions during manufacturing cycle.
The probe is mounted over a transmitter which sends measure data to the receiver via a radio frequency communication system. This module is available in four different configurations for every machine tool type.

Interface/Receiver module (WRI)
Thanks to an integrated or remote interface, the receiver is connected to CNC, which elaborates received data and provide operator with part positioning and dimension values.

In order to achieve highest system performance, Marposs developed software packages for immediate and simplified creation of measuring cycles.
These cycles simplifies both geometrical items programming and operations among them (f.i. diameter measure, ball races, shoulders)

Marposs makes available a wide range of accessories suitable to its touch systems customizing, fitting every machine type and every Customer specification.


  • Styli: the range of ceramic and steel made styli is born from Marposs experience in measure field to satisfy every application requirement. Different standard options and dedicated solutions are available.
  • Shanks: Marposs has a complete range of shanks to fit machine tools standards
  • Probes: two different families of touch probes with different technical features are available:
    • T series probes: they assure an excellent repeatability for checking of prismatic parts
    • TT series probes: they assure a high spatial isotropy for checking of sculptured surfaces
  • Probe accessories

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