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Electronic manual bore gauge with half-bridge (HBT) transducer for checking inside diameter of blind and thru bores in the range from 9 to 120 mm (.35" to 4.72"), using interchangeable standard components.

Within its range of use each plug is completely retoolable by changing the nosepiece and the contacts. For zero setting only one master is needed due to the extensive range of linearity of the transducer.

Accurate, rugged and reliable, needs no maintenance and has practically no operating costs. Thanks to its outstanding qualities (waterproofness, resistance to impact or falls, cable tear resistance), it can be used in the most difficult working conditions without any effect on its technical characteristics.

It can be used both directly on the workpiece and as a simple fixture using the optional support.

The measurement value can be displayed on the TESTAR Quick Read Microcolumn, E4N and, through the Easy Box and Gage Box™ data acquisition systems, on the E9066s™ Industrial PC.

Models compatible with third parties electronics can be supplied on request.

This equipment is used along with Quick Read or E4N electronic units or E9066 industrial PC.


M1-C plug has been designed to operate as an electronic manual (I.D.) gauge or as a bench gauge when the plug is fitted to the Marposs standard support base.

M1-C can be connected to our electronic display units likethe E4N column, Quick Read micro-column or E9066s Industrial PC.

M1-C has the capability to connect to other half bridge type (HBT) electronics.



All M1-C versions feature:
  • HBT type transducer
  • IP67 waterproofness
  • Repeatability: < 1 µm (.00004")
  • Impact resistance
  • Cable to EMC specifications
  • Retoolability within application range
  • Maintenance free
  • Shop hardened construction for long life
  • Weight between 350 and 700 gr. (.77 lb ÷ 1.54 lb)


Can your plugs be connected to "NON" TESTAR electronics ?
  • Plugs complying with TESTAR standard technical specifications can not normally be connected to electronics of other companies. M1C has been purposely developed to fit the electrical specifications of "NON" TESTAR electronics.


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