Our strain or piezo sensors combine robustness with sensitivity to provide both reliability and signal accuracy. Thanks to these technologies, a small change in cutting force, even of heavy feed force, can be detected.
Operating near the cutting zone, they represent one of the best tool monitoring solutions. Mechanical design is evaluated to grant the best integration inside the machine. These types of sensors are suitable for controlling tool breakage; the start of the cut; to control the absolute value of cutting force in turning processes; to detect tool presence; to optimize cutting parameters; or to check the force on a part between centers. Sensors are available in various forms to be adapted to the individual application need such as: screw, flat, ring, ... , and customized solutions.
Force sensors could be coupled with transducer modules having configuration to be integrated with CTM or Genior Modular, respectively CFM and FM modules as well as stand alone CS2.

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machine tool monitoring