M1 Star™ EBG (Electronic Bore Gauge) is the brand new line of Marposs highly advanced manual electronic gauges for bore inspection.

M1 Star™ EBG draws from the experience of M1 Electron, the market best-selling solution in the last 20 years, with more than 100,000 units delivered.
The integrated-transducer design eliminates any kind of friction in the mechanical transmission, thus allowing excellent metrological performances, while guaranteeing high reliability and durability in the most severe production environment.

Thanks to its modular and versatile design, M1 Star™ EBG can offer a large number of unique features, such as:

  • Sub-micron accuracy in a wide measuring range (3 to 300 mm diameter)
  • Robust, shock-proof construction
  • IP 67 degree of protection against water and coolant
  • Zero-setting requiring only one master ring
  • Easy replacement of cable in case of damage
  • Compatibility to all Marposs electronic units and other OEMs standards
A state of the art production system specifically developed for this new product allows the Marposs international sales organization to guarantee competitive prices and fast delivery times for both the M1 Star™ EBG and the relevant setting rings.

EBG bore gauges are supplied with fully integrated LVDT or HBT transducer to suit MARPOSS or compatible electronics.

M1 Star™ EBG is also available as wireless version featuring Bluetooth® (*) transmission. This model uses the same "measuring core" as the model with cable, while differing from it just for the handle which accomodates the transmitter. These characteristics make M1 Star™ Wireless easy to operate and offering the same excellent performance as the regular EBG version.
By pressing on a button the real time measurement value is sent to the receiver located onto the display unit.
M1 Star™ Wireless can be connected to Nemo, Merlin, Merlin Plus and to any MARPOSS E9066 series Industrial PC.

This equipment is used along with Quick Read or E4N or Nemo or Merlin / Merlin Plus or E9066T electronic units.

(*) MARPOSS is an adopting member of Bluetooth SIG



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