In keeping with our tradition of innovation, Marposs is pleased to announce the introduction of the Micromar 8 in its wide range in process gages solutions.
Thanks to its innovative slip-clutch mechanism and stainless steel construction, Micromar 8 is the best choice for those application that need  high performances under the most demanding conditions and machine downtime to a minimum.
When fitted with the appropriate fingers, the gage can be used to measure either inner or outer workpiece diameters.
The lever on the side on the gage housing is called Setup Lever and is used for mechanical setup of gage fingers on a specific workpiece or master. In SETUP position, the lever locks the interior arms and holds the measuring transducer in a centred position. The gage fingers are them slipped by pushing the fingers into contact the set up piece. After releasing the setup lever, the gage is ready for electrical zeroing. The whole process can be completed in less than 30 seconds.
The Micromar 8 has a built-in finger retraction arm that is actuated pneumatically.

This measuring head is to be connected to P7 or P7ME or  P3ME  electronic units.

This product is suitable to upgrade MICROMAR 5  and MICROMAR 500 measuring heads


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