Increased production and real-time quality control are key elements of any industrial process. The P3up electronic amplifier, connected to Marposs measuring heads, represents an economical, practical and reliable solution for in-process work-piece monitoring on grinding machines. The P3up has been designed as a direct, pin-to-pin replacement for E9 electronics. It is also possible to upgrade other Marposs relay gauges (E5 or BLU, as required).

  • Upgrade for an E9 (pin to pin) or other Marposs relay gauges.
  • Parts with tight tolerances
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Parts with interrupted surfaces
  • Mounting options for ease of installation
  • Integration with the machine logic
  • Aggressive working environment
  • Compensate effects of grinding wheel wear on the production process
  • Reduce operator influence in the production process


Using the P3up together with Marposs measuring heads permits you to monitor, in real time, the state of the machining process. As the part is being ground, the stock removal is measured and is compared to set points that the process requires in order to control the machining process and part quality.

All the mechanical parts have been designed for use in working environments in direct contact with coolants and other aggressive agents. The P3up and Marposs measuring heads Ingress Protection (IP) ratings mean that they are suitable for use in a workshop environment.

This product can be used to upgrade BLU, E5 and E9 electronic units.

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