UNIMAR measuring heads are the ideal solution for all process control applications on machine tools. They are the basic element for creating gauging systems integrated in the process.
Universal application. The UNIMAR measuring head is the basic element for any type of process control gauging. UNIMAR can be used for all applications on machine tools, partly thanks to its miniaturization, making it easy to fit.
High level measuring performance combined with user-friendliness. The UNIMAR head features a high level of precision, long-term thermal stability and a large measurement range.
Total flexibility. The range of Unimar models not only eliminates operator intervention, but also allows maximum machine tool operating flexibility, with a resulting increase in productivity.
Maximum sturdiness. The design and materials used for the UNIMAR head give it an extremely high level of chemical and mechanical resistance.
Simple maintenance. The main components can be replaced from the outside, reducing the cost of maintenance and spare parts. Its make-up guarantees absolute reliability.
The UNIMAR head is the only one equipped with DATA (Digital Acquisition Tracking of Application)
for saving application technical data and maintenance work records.
The heads can be connected to all Marposs electronic gauging amplifiers either directly, or via junction box, or using quick-release connectors.

The Unimar measuring heads are divided into several families, each suitable for different fields of application:
  • Unimar S - small measurement range
  • Unimar R - large retraction
  • Unimar W - large measurement range
  • Unimar P - positioner (small range) - retraction adjustable from outside
  • Unimar L - positioner (large range) - retraction adjustable from outside
  • Unimar A - absolute heads
Types of application
  • Grinding for continuous/interrupted exteriors
  • Grinding for continuous/interrupted interiors
  • Grinding without centres
  • Surface grinding
  • Machining centres
  • High precision lathes
  • Lapping machines
  • Superfinishing machines
  • Post Process measuring stations

  Further information on the Quick Zero for gauge setup.

This measuring head is to be connected to E9, P1, P7 or P7ME electronic units.

This product is suitable to upgrade A110, A710/A711, AB71/AB72, ALSAR (VCE), CONVAR, IDMAR, MACROVAR, MEGAR, MICROMAR 500, POSITIONAR and WEMAR measuring heads

To ensure that your equipment always gives you the highest quality measurements, always use Marposs original spare parts (e.g. probes, fingers, slides, etc.)

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