MARPOSS P3SE is a monitoring system for grinding machines based on the technology of sensors with acoustic emission. The system is able to meet and solve the different needs by including the continuous check of process, check of end of gap elimination, wheel dressing and prevention of crashes.

  • Reduction of production costs by eliminating the unnecessary times. Marposs P3SE enables the user to maintain a faster feeding of the wheel up to the actual moment of contact with the part to be machined.
  • Improvement of the quality of the grinding cycle by checking both position and status of the wheel. Marposs P3SE indicates the exact moment of contact of the dresser with the wheel. Moreover it is possible to check the dressing regularity by checking the diamond contact throughout the wheel length.
  • Increase of safety on the complete grinding operation. Excessive noise levels such as those generated by situations of crash are continuously checked.
  • Possibility of choice among different configurations so that the user can find out the most appropriate solution for the specific requirements of the application.
  • Simplicity of use by means of functions for self-learning the background and contact noises; Marposs P3SE permits a rapid and error-proof configuration of the application.


Marposs P3SE system consists of an electronic check unit and an AE (Acoustic Emission) sensor.
The electronic unit that checks the End of Gap Elimination (GAP) and Collision (CRASH) is available in the versions:

  • Structure with drawer - 1 AE sensor
  • Structure with drawer - 2 AE sensors
  • Structure with case - 1 AE sensor
  • Structure with case - 2 AE sensors
The versions with 2 AE sensors are able to work either with simultaneous or switching channels.
The AE sensors are wide-range piezoelectric transducers (operating frequency up to 1 MHz) available in the following versions:
  • AE sensor with hard-wired transmission for application on grinder for outside diameters
  • AE sensor with touchless transmission for applications on grinder for outside diameters and rotary dressing units.
  • AE sensor for spindle interior for applications on grinder for inside diameters and rotary dressing units.
  • AE sensor with ring for applications on grinder for inside diameters.


This electronic unit can be connected with AE SENSORS.

This product is suitable to upgrade E20N Air Gap electronic unit

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