Checking acoustic signals from vibrations generated by contact between the grinding wheel and other machine parts, such as the part being machined or the dresser, is the method used to monitor the grinder, allowing a noticeable increase in its productivity. The P7SE electronic system can detect tiny variations during grinding operations, allowing an extremely precise check of the feed speed when the grinding wheel touches the part or the dresser.

The increasing use of super-abrasive grinding wheels is another reason why the machining process needs automatic monitoring. To use a super-abrasive grinding wheel to its maximum advantage, the grinding wheel conditioning process (centering and dressing) must be automatic and as accurate as possible. The P7SE system uses acoustic sensors to guarantee high levels of sensitivity, for reliable, efficient performance.

The P7SE has fieldbus and serial connections for complete integration with the machine controller; with a software interface for the operator.

This electronic unit is used with AE SENSORS and can be equipped with software SW SE and MHIS.

This product can be used to upgrade E20S electronic unit.


  • Reduction in unproductive cycle times, particularly the time the grinding wheel needs to move from the home position to the operating position (end of air gap);
  • Monitoring of grinding wheel position and condition by detecting the precise moment of contact with the dresser and continuity of this signal on the entire surface of the grinding wheel (process supervision);
  • Continuous checking of excessive noise levels which could be generated by collisions caused by incorrect grinding wheel movements;
  • Continuous checking of background noise which may be generated by deterioration of the rolling parts (preventive maintenance).


  • Check of grinding wheel - part and/or grinding wheel - dresser air gap;
  • Prevention of collisions;
  • Check of dressing operations with increments lower than a few tenths of a micron performed by the dresser on the surface of the grinding wheel;
  • Check of dressing operation on shaped grinding wheels which have areas with small dimensions, e.g.: radii or profiles.

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