Marposs offers the new M3 Star™ line of manual snap gauges, which combines high technology with high quality in only 10mm thickness.
M3 Star™ is available in mechanical, electronic or wireless Bluetooth® versions, with dedicated or adjustable V-part reference (thickness 20mm, 14mm and 10mm), to meet all measuring needs.
Thanks to its limited thickness, M3 Star™ is particularly suitable to measure external diameters close to shoulders in transmission and main shafts, crank shafts or similar components.

MSG version is used along with Quick Digit or TD dial indicators.

ESG version is used along with Marposs electronics and software.

Technical characteristics:

  • thickness: 10mm
  • measurable diameters: 5-70mm
  • MSG repeatability error: <1.5µm
  • ESG repeatability error: <1µm
For more information on the measurement of shaft-like parts visit the snap and ring gauges webpage.

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