Rugged manual snap gauge for the mass-control of outside diameters of cylindrical parts in the range 3 to 150 mm (.12 "to 5.90 ").
It can be used both directly on the part in the machine tool and as a simple fixture (an optional bench support is also available).

Quick and easy to retool without any special tools. The mechanical zerosetting is not requiring the assembly of the measuring instrument.

No maintenance is needed, thanks to its long life carbide reference prisms and contacts.

Available with two different types of handle, anatomic and slim.

It can be used with any measuring gauge with clamping diameter 8mm or 3/8", such as our Red Crown™ pencil probes, Quick Read™ compact electronic display unit and, through an optional adapter, Quick Digit™ electronic digital indicator.

A wide range of accessories providing flexibility is available, such as off-set measuring contacts to allow checks close to shoulders, bench support, pushing device for part location.

This equipment is used along with TD dial indicators or Quick Digit digital indicators or Quick Read or E4N or E9066 electronic units.


Range 3÷25 mm (.12"÷.98") 25÷50 mm (.98"÷1.97") 50÷100 mm (1.97"÷3.94")
Contacts working travel ±0.300 mm ±0.400 mm ±0.500 mm
Repeatability <1 µm
Measuring force depends on measuring device in use
Weight 0.340÷0.420 kg 0.640÷0.875 kg 0.850÷1.085 kg

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