To satisfy increasing quality requirements on larger manufactured parts like machine broaches, railway axles, printing rolls, milling rolls, etc., Marposs introduces the PROTOMAR line of measuring equipment. This new family  is dedicated to measuring diameters in-process or after the grinding process is complete. The main feature of PROTOMAR is to offer an absolute measuring gauge, able to measure any diameter inside the measuring range for which it has been configured. There is no need for specific calibration, after a simple zeroing procedure with a known value master the system is set to run.

PROTOMAR has a series of measuring ranges working within five basic size ranges from 150 mm to 1000 mm diameter that typically covers the types of components outlined. Both accuracy and repeatability errors have been minimalized due to the robust design and integral components of the system, no matter if part section has continuous or interrupted surfaces.

The PROTOMAR capability to follow any removal speed, on continuous or interrupted surfaces, allows the grinder to optimize its own operating cycle. Real time compensating for wheel wear while steadily receiving information on dimensions being produced guarantees the size and quality of manufactured parts as the system fully controls and maintains the machining cycle time under control.

At the heart of PROTOMAR are two Unimar heads mounted on opposing mobile arms creating a close and compact measuring system all contained inside a highly rated enclosure that protects all critical components when used in the harshest environmental conditions.

Reliability and functionality derived from 60 years of Marposs experience in grinder applications throughout the world guarantees the quality of your product.

 This measuring head is to be connected to P7 or P7ME electronic units.

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