A correctly balanced grinding wheel can improve the surface quality of individual parts and extend spindle life. The Marposs wheel balancer line and the P7WB electronic grinding wheel balancing system are the best solution for continuously monitoring the condition of the grinding wheel and immediately correcting any imbalances during the cycle. Grinding wheels can be simply and effectively balanced by installing an automatic balancing system offering a number of advantages directly in the machine.

Basically, the grinding wheel balancer is a low cost system which allows the end user to significantly improve quality without compromising production times.

The P7WB has fieldbus and serial connections for complete integration with the machine controller; with a software interface for the operator.

This electronic unit is used with BALANCING HEADS and it is equipped with software SW WB and MHIS.


  • Improved surface finish quality;
  • Real time check of grinding wheel vibrations and automatic imbalance correction. The system prevents the production of parts with shape defects;
  • Increased machine efficiency (automatic balancing time shorter than time required for manual balancing);
  • Fully automated balancing cycle without the presence of trained personnel to add or remove balancing weights;
  • Constant check of vibrations during the entire life of the grinding wheel, to prevent the breakage of rotary parts (preventive maintenance and machine safety).


  • Automatic balancing for grinding wheels with one or more spindles;
  • Automatic balancing algorithms in one or more planes;
  • Balancing check limits programmable according to grinding wheel type and dimensions;
  • Check of vibrations and operator guide for balancing small grinding wheels;
  • Monitoring of vibrations and alarms triggered by excessive imbalance;
  • Spectrum analysis of vibration frequencies for machine maintenance, to find cause and origin of faults.

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