The P1dWB is the MARPOSS entry-level system for grinding wheel balancing and process monitoring specially designed to meet the requirements of grinding machines. The P1dWB is the successor of previous MARPOSS electronic systems such as the E78 and the E82, tens of thousands of which have been sold all over the world. The system can manage a single balancing head and simultaneously an integrated acoustic sensor (if present) both for FT and ST models. As well as boasting full backward compatibility, the P1dWB is enhanced with new functions such as pre-balancing and spectral analysis of the imbalance, making it unique in its market sector.

Other features not shared by entry-level systems but available on the P1dWB are the multilevel login function for more secure management of data and settings, and the self-diagnostics function that proves very useful for quick problem solving

The P1dWB complies with modern ergonomic criteria and fits perfectly with the new characteristic style introduced for new MARPOSS brand products

It is available in 3 versions (rack, stand-alone and remote panel) and is completed by a modern 4.3 inch touch-screen, elegant but at the same time suitable for the hostile environments typical of mechanical machining.

A SW tool is supplied with P1dWB, for data backup, restore operations and to facilitate SW updating. The SW tool can also act as the Human Interface if the system is to be used via a personal computer rather than the panel.

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