Easy AcquisitionTM software packages run on an Excel platform and allow the use of a typical Excel worksheet to perform the following functions:

  • Acquisition of the value of the sensors connected to the Easy BoxTM inputs
  • Creation and display of measu-rements with tolerance values and status
  • Handling of measurement calibra-tion
  • Data collection of the measurement values
  • Statistical Analysis (SPC) of the measurement values stored in the data collection (available only for Easy AcquisitionTM SPC package)
  • Print-out of the data collection and SPC values (reporting)


Personal Computer equipped with:
  • Pentium® Processor 166 MHz
  • At least 50 MB of free hard disk space
  • At least 32 MB RAM memory
  • At least one USB port available
  • CD-ROM drive (necessary for the software installation)
  • Microsoft Windows® 98 (Second Edition), 2000, XP operating system, and Microsoft Excel® 97 or higher release.
A simple programming sequence allows through few steps to configure the driver of the Easy BoxTM and to prepare the Excel worksheet for the measurement acquisition.

To command the acquisition (start/stop, delete, zeroing, etc.) the Easy Box U4P can conveniently replace the PC mice.

1-Driver configuration (1st step): programming of number and models of the Easy BoxTM units (different Easy BoxTM models can be used in mix within the same measurement program)

2-Driver configuration (2nd step): programming for each Easy BoxTM the input channels to be used for the application and the related sensor type

3-Defining measuring step, type of measurement to be carried out and related sensors by means of the Formula Wizard, which simplifies the measurement formula programming.

4-Example of the Excel worksheet with bargraph display of the measurements and data collection of the acquired measurement values

5-Example of the SPC elaboration; statistical data are displayed in both numeric and graphical form (Histogram, Sample Value Chart, X&R Chart)

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