Bohrungsmessdorne für Innendurchmesser

A wide range of bore gauges (plugs) is available on catalogue. They are able to measure inside diameters, ovality and taper with high precision.

The plugs can be retooled for measuring different diameters within a pre-defined range.
Their characteristics of sturdiness and the high degree of resistance to external agents, make these measuring plugs suitable for being used in the most adverse production environments.

Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, they can be supplied with extremely competitive prices and delivery dates.

Verschiedene Ausführungen des M1 Star BohrungsmessdornsBild vergrößernBild vergrößern
Verschiedene Ausführungen des M1 Star Bohrungsmessdorns

Other sections of the site illustrate the hand held gauges for shaft (OD) inspection, the special hand held gauges for customized applications, the go - no go gauges, the masters and the display units.




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