Marposs M19 plug is:

  • designed to perform two internal diameter measurements in the same section of the bore at 90° to each other
  • utilized after turning and grinding operations on transfer machines, special purpose machines and post-process gauging stations
  • typical for the check of connecting rods, cylinder bores and when measurement for ovality is required
The plug guarantees reliability and increased productivity of the process by automation of the process itself inclusive of the part measurement and closed loop feedback to the machine tool (compensation of tool wear, improvement of overall machining time and scrap reduction).
Measurements are performed by use of four Marposs measuring cells, each provided with one LVDT transducer.
The plug uses a body with fixed nosepiece. In order to protect it from potential collision due to part mis-positioning or part overstock conditions, the plug requires mounting to rigid recoiling devices.
In the diameter range from 22 to 80 mm the gauge plug is provided with cleaning air nozzles in the measuring section while in the diameter range from 16 to 22 mm the cleaning air flow is offset and located in proximity of the gauge fingers (the air inlet is always at 180° with respect to the junction box).
It can be connected to E9066N electronic unit for complex applications or applications for which statistical analysis is required and to P7 family electronic units for simple applications.
Side-by-side assembled on the machine, the gauge plugs can measure bores having minimum center distance of 71 mm.

This equipment is used along with an industrial PC E9066N Flat Panel.

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