The M57V bench is an innovative measuring system which offers simplicity through the efficiency of its design, as well as being compact and robust.
The vertical solution provides a much smaller foot print which takes up a limited amount of surface space as compared to the horizontal solution. In addition, vertical loading of the part eliminates part and structural deformation, as well as any bending in the reference centers and helps part dragging in dynamic applications.
The bench, engineered for crankshafts weighing more than 6 Kg, can also check camshafts, gear shafts, rotors and axle shafts.
The measuring components are comprised of the Marposs measuring transmission devices belonging to the AMA line (made of non-magnetic stainless steel) and Red Crown pencil probes. Other cell types can be used in special applications. The bench gauge is dedicated to the inter-operational inspection of a single part type after end face milling, turning, pin bearing milling and grinding.The work piece is loaded manually or by a manual gantry between centers in the vertical position. The centers are either fixed (static measurement) or motorized (dynamic measurement) and the measuring stations are brought onto the part by manual pivoting arms.
The gauge supports and guarding are manufactured using Laser Cutting technology which can be easily integrated with CAD systems. This reduces both preparation time and the costs of manufacturing individual details.
This M57V bench is used for measurement of a single part type or when no retooling is required. It can be configured as a single or double gauge station and statically or dynamically performs the dimensional and geometric checks listed below:

  • Outside Diameters
  • Straightness and Barrel Shape of Main Bearings
  • Ovality
  • Taper
  • Concentricity
  • TIR
  • Distances
  • Cam Base Circle and Cam Lift
  • Perpendicularity of Shoulders
This equipment is used along with an industrial PC E9066T .

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