The M67 bench is an innovative measuring system with the following strengths: simplicity and efficient in design, compact and robust.
Its bracketry and guarding are manufactured using Laser Cutting technology which can be easily integrated with CAD systems. This reduces both preparation times and costs for manufacturing of individual details.
The bench is dedicated to the final or interoperational inspection of a single part type weighing less than 6 Kg.
The measuring components are realized with the most recent Marposs measuring transmissions belonging to the AMA line (made in non-magnetic stainless steel) and with Red Crown pencil probes.
The workpiece is manually loaded in the vertical position and referred between centers that are either fixed or motorized.
This new M67 bench replaces the Marposs Vertical Quick Set bench when no retooling operation is needed.
It can be made as a single- or double-station and is able to statically or dynamically perform the dimensional and geometric checks listed below:

  • Outside diameters
  • Straightness and Barrel Shape of Main Bearings
  • Ovality
  • Taper
  • Concentricity
  • TIR
  • Distances
  • Perpendicularity of Shoulders
This equipment is used along with an E9066T industrial PC.

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