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Marposs, though the acquisition of Brankamp in 2012, is the global market leader company for machine monitoring, offering a variety of monitoring solutions for every type of new press or for retrofit in the user's plant. Our goal is to assist our customers in achieving the highest quality in stamping processes to help meet the rigorous demands placed on suppliers of automotive, aerospace, industrial electronics or telecommunication components. Advanced monitoring systems can provide the key to efficient quality and machine control whenever hundreds of millions of stampings are performed monthly on presses. By integrating sensors in the tool or in the supporting plate, it is possible to nip stamping problems in the bud. Production disruption caused by punching, cracks, double sheet metal or other faults can be detected and production immediately stopped.


Tools for producing car body parts on giant presses often measure several square meters. The requirement to produce millions of bodies and the need for manufacturing process flexibility imply almost daily tool change. The tool change represents a problem even when normal size objects are to be pressed. Incorrect alignment of the tool generates forces out of the bottom dead center, which results in an overcharged process and quick damage. Mass production and flexibility are also a way of life for other stamped car components. Gaskets and seals for all engines are only two example within the automotive industry. Billions of cans for food or pharmaceutical industries, as well as billions of connectors for electrical appliances and information technologies must be manufactured with an elevated quality standard (zero defects) to avoid contamination and guarantee safety and proper functionality. Cracks in the rivet head, pulled slugs, double thickness sheet metal, and inconsistent strip advance are some of the problems which could affect any stamping processes. Every production process has a weak point, but today there are solutions to monitor these problems and nip them in the bud, thereby reducing cost in stamping applications.


Brankamp has been active in stamping process monitoring for nearly 40 years, and the sum of that experience is embedded into the monitoring solutions offered by the Company. The in-process monitoring system provides, directly on machine, the possibility for immediate identification of manufacturing faults. Using sensors inside the tools or within the machine structure, both tensile and pressure forces acting in any direction are measured in real time. The sensors recognize the slightest change in force that deviates from the normal pattern during production, signaling this to operator on the control monitor (Set up aide). A deviation exceeding the limits causes the machine to be automatically stopped. This allows for the identification of faulty parts (part quality) and to prevent damages (Tool and machine protection) . Additional functions including recognition of process fluctuations, visualization of curve details, parts counter and process data collection are available to improve machine productivity. (Machine efficiency)


  • Machine protection thanks to overload control
  • Reduction of unexpected machine crashes, breakage, down time, repair cost
  • Reduction of set up time
  • Better analysis of process failures to enable taking countermeasures and improve machine efficiency
  • Increase of production time due to minor and uncontrolled process stops
  • Reduction of scrap parts allowing zero defects batches

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AE sensors application for stamping machine

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