A wide range of go - no go gauges is available for checking inside and outside smooth diameters, threads, grooves, cones, key ways, chamfers, radii, and so on.

These are mechanical manual measuring tools used in the production lines to guarantee that machining took place and was performed correctly.
They differ from each other in the type of surface of which they must check the compliance with predetermined dimensions: plug-shaped for internal round holes, fork-shaped for external holes, ring-shaped for external cylindrical holes, with particular shapes in case of special master gauges.
They are suitably dimensioned so that the GO master gets into the machined area, while the NO-GO master does not.

The parameters most frequently checked are:

  • Dimensions and depth of holes.    
  • Outside diameters (shafts).     
  • Length and thickness.     
  • External and internal threads.     
  • Holes and grooved shafts.     
  • Chamfers.   
  • Radii.     
  • Angles.    

On catalogue there are standard master gauges (plug-shaped for internal holes, fork-shaped or ring-shaped for external holes) with a wide range available on stock, and master gauges with particular shapes, designed and made based on the customer’s needs.  

For further information please consult the page on go - no go fixed gauges in the MG site.

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Go - no go thread gauges

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