machine tool retrofit 

Marposs, though the acquisition of Brankamp in 2012, is the global market leader company for machine monitoring, offering a variety of monitoring solutions for every type of new forming machine or for retrofit in the user's plant. Our monitoring systems prevent process errors, protect the machine and tooling, and provide support for quicker machine set-up. When there are malfunctions, they switch off the system in time to limit costly damages. Cracks on formed parts represent a typical failure that often occur randomly in work pieces. The failures are only detected using in-process monitoring on all parts manufactured on various machines.

 The monitoring solutions offer an effective way to observe and control your machine by detecting, right at the deformation stage, part defect or abnormal conditions to prevent overload or fractures in the tool element. Additionally, the signals of sensors installed into the machine are elaborated with algorithms, which allow the improvement of machine efficiency and save machining time in setting operation.


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Cold forming multi-stations

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