The CSSIM is a pure software solution to perform an in-process tool condition monitoring during machining operations; this product, suitable for SIEMENS 840D NC based machines, doesn't need any sensors nor hardware being thus very easy and quick to install. The CS2SIM is used to keep the cutting force under control, in order to show immediately the missing tool condition, the tool wear, the exceeding tool effort to prevent the tool breakage or the tool breakage as well. The CS2SIM manages alarm signals towards the machine with the provision of different alarm strategies that will suit on each different machining and tools types; moreover, the system could monitor two channels at the same time.
Alarms handling with double password level, machine alarm events software black box recording, alarm thresholds setting up to 254 different tools or cycles for each channel, Ethernet software connection and graphical display of axis parameter (torque, current, load) are some relevant features included.

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