This product has been developed to meet the requests on machine tools related to simple In process applications.
The main advantages of the P1 are:

Ease of use
Analog meter for the In-Process use on a grinding machine.
Set-up, adjustement correction are performed by means of one selector and two push-buttons.

Reduced size
Display and operator adjustements are located in a compact panel that can be easily integrated in the control panel or a stand-alone version in its small cabinet that is easily assembled with either adjustable support or fixing bracket.

Improved reliability
The unit, available in over twenty versions with characteristics of: meter, metric and/or inches display, transducers processing, machine tool interface, is comprised of the minimum number of components for reliability and simple service.

P1 has been developed for these applications featuring outside diameter with flat surface measurement capability.

P1 is dedicated to check smooth diameters.

P1 is available as follows:

  • in two cabinet's versions.
  • in various versions of analog meter
  • four controls
  • two transducers
  • analog meter
This electronic unit is used with UNIMAR measuring heads.


Measurement of single diameter on smooth surface. It provides the following elements on the front panel:
  • Analog meter with automatic scale change at 50 microns ( 0,002").
  • Selector for:
    • Control adjustment of rough grinding cycle
    • Control adjustment of finishing
    • Control adjustment of superfinishing or spark-out
    • Adjustment of delay time
    • Value of transducer 1
    • Value of transducer 2
    • Measurement value
    • Zero adjustment of the measure
    • Automatic gauging cycle
  • Controls and delay time leds
  • Adjustment push-buttons
Two transducer heads can be connected to the P1 with selectable elaborations:
  • +/- T1
  • +/-T1+/-T2
On the back side of the P1 are located:
  • Power supply with On/Off switch
  • Cannon connector for machine logic interface
  • Measuring head Weam connector

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