The Non-Destructive Test (NDT) allows testing the properties of the materials without changing the physical state of the part.

The tests known as "sorting treatment check" allow to verify whether the thermal cycles (hardening, hardening and tempering, annealing, etc.) were correctly performed; the ones known as "material identification" allow discriminating and separating parts with the same geometry but made with different materials.

The treatment test and the material identification can be performed also in “through check” mode by making the part pass inside the sensor; in this way the check is more rapid and the application productivity improved.

In the modern production systems it is essential to perform the non-destructive checks not only because the quality standards become more and more pressing, but above all because the breakdown of a mechanical component could compromise the user’s safety.

The technology of eddy currents offers a test speed higher than any other technology and so it allows carrying out the checks automatically on 100% of the production.

Turnkey applications are supplied for the Non-Destructive checks and the integrated dimensional + ND checks only.

Probes and electronic units can be supplied as components to obtain applications under the customer’s care.

Marposs is available to examine the feasibility of the check by making tests on parts supplied by the customer.

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ND test for material properties identification


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