The automatic machines are manufactured upon request to perform dimensional measurements through LVDT touch transducers or touchless optoelectronic systems and non-destructive checks through eddy currents.

Besides dimensional and geometric measurements, it is possible to check the state of the material (to discriminate the types of material or find out faults under the part surface); additional features are marking and segregation of the parts in different exits.
Such systems may be either dedicated (with many measurement points and therefore able to carry out many checks in a short period of the cycle) or flexible (able to check a very wide range of parts by moving the measuring probe with longer cycle times).

Here below you will find examples of dedicated and flexible machines. Other solutions may be studied also in simultaneous engineering with the customer to meet his requirements.

Automatic gauging machineEnlarge the imageEnlarge the image
Automatic gauging machine

Other sections of the site illustrate the modular bench gauges that can be easily retooled by the customer for checking different parts, the flexible gauges able to check any part within a given range and the dedicated manual bench gauges for manual inspection of dedicated parts.




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