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Upgrade on Machine Tool Applications


As a consequence of the advances in new technologies, your machine may be equipped with measurement and control instruments that, although they still work, no longer satisfy your performance, cost and maintenance requirements.


  • Non compliance with safety and environment standards
  • Compatibility issues with new technologies
  • Difficulty sourcing spare parts
  • Need to reduce energy consumption


Thanks to over 60 years experience in the field, Marposs is able to offer a wide range of products and qualified support for all your upgrade requirements; substituting your old and/or obsolete systems, with the minimum of fuss, with new state-of-the-art equipment that conforms to all international environmental and safety standards:  

Marposs in-process products: conversion table for your upgrade.
Find your new Marposs product easily using the table below.
Marposs specialists will help you to find the most suitable solution for your requirements.

  OLD   NEW 
  Micromar 5/ Micromar 500   Micromar 8
  AB72/AB71   Unimar W
  A711/A710   Unimar R
  A110   Unimar P/L
  Univar BE   Unimar S
  Micromar TE   Unimar S
  OLD   NEW 
  BLUE single function (ZE/SE)   P3UP
  BLUE diameter/positioning   P3UP / P7UP
  E5 single diameter   P3UP
  E5 diameter/positioning   P3UP
  E5 double diameter   P7UP
  E5N/E39   P7UP
  E80   P7UP
  E3C   P7UP
  E20S   P7SE
  E20N WR   P3SE
  E82   P7UP


A long-term upgrade policy guarantees:

  • Greater application flexibility thanks to modern software
  • Increased and improved performance
  • Compliance with safety and environment standards
  • Trouble-free Ethernet connection
  • Modernized user interface, programming and operation
  • Warranty cover and lower maintenance costs
  • Energy saving



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